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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 14 - Imther

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"Kingdom of Imther.  Imther is another client state. It fell to the Conquering Daughter in 1347. Its barbarian population is mixed herders and farmers; the state controls the Imther Mountain mines."

From that tiny fragment in Griffin Mountain years ago, I began my exploration of Imther, and have subsequently ventured across Sylila, Saird, Vanch, and Holay.  I'm not quite sure why I went in that direction, but being on the fringe of the Lunar Empire where Lunars might be both good guys and bad guys appealed to me.  It was also easy to plug the cult of Yelmalio in here.

It's fun, and flattering, to see my odd little contributions make it into this massive book.  Hortugarth, at the junction of the Isildon and Imaron rivers, was I think my first creation in this world, and was home to my player's characters.  Cider and cheese were popular there, and became a theme within the land now captured here.  A major temple of the Conquering Daughter was in Hortugarth, and that was the first cult I fleshed out.  Hortugarth saw many adventures of intrigue, but eventually the characters ventured beyond.  The Plain of Stones was an ancient, haunted land of earth spirits, yet the characters boldly ventured in and encountered the mysterious Stoneface, who set them upon a quest to recover the lost weapons of the Earthwielder.  Later, new characters journeyed east from Hortugarth to settle Amber Fort upon the Elf Sea, proving that the rumor "Imther has founded a colony at the mouth of the West River on the shores of the Elf Sea." to be True, not False (one can of course say that "Imther" had not founded the colony, but that the Etyries Temple did with assistance from the Conquering Daughter temple did, so the response in the rumor table is technically correct).

While past efforts to get Imther and Hortugarth material published have not come fully to fruition (beyond my own fanzines and contributions in several others), maybe these tidbits will inspire others to venture there.  After all, as of 1623, the King is dead, and only a true hero, completing a dangerous quest, can get the dwarfs to once again open their gates to the outside world and have the riches of the dwarfs at their disposal!

More tidbits on Imther here:


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For those interested, these were my original Hortugarth and Imtherian Southlands maps.  The first represents Hortugarth at its greatest extent ~1616 ST before the Crimson Bat visited, and intrigue saw its population decline. 

The second shows my original placement of various locales.  From the Guide you can see that the Sun Dome Temple (Kareiston's Temple - which I think I first detailed in one of the issues of the Enclosure fanzine) and Hortugarth have somewhat shifted positions.  Blame it on poor mapmakers from distant southern lands!


Imther HW Maps 001.jpg

Imther HW Maps 003.jpg

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