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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 14 - Lunar Provinces

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This week we started our exploration of the Lunar Provinces. The threads this week are divided into Aggar, Holay, Imther, Vanch, Talastar, Dorastor and Lunar Allies:











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Seems like the best spot to discuss the People of Note:

Akgarbash of Laurmal - who is he really and why is he in Aggar?  Laurmal appears in book 2, part of Old Seshnela, and now a ruin.  "This ruin is still important because the dwarves, ever conservative, still go there to trade their iron, as they did in the First Age."  Akgarbash is said to be ancient, so... I would guess that he either predates the fall of Laurmal when the Luathans struck, or had some occasion to venture into the subsequent ruins.  "He is relentlessly pursued by equally ancient demons."  Did he rob the dwarfs, who sent their constructs after him?  Or attempt to use demons to rob the dwarfs, which when it failed got him in trouble with the demons?  Did he offend the Luathans and encounter the Purple Ship?  And now pursued by demons of the Dusk?  Aggar, situated 'behind' the Rockwoods, might well be 'hidden' from the Eye of Rausa.

Appius Luxius - yes, an imperial son.  He rules the provinces as the Red Emperor's proxy (and also makes sure no independent provincial king tries to do the same).  He's busy trying to found his own imperial lineage.  Too bad he dies in the Dragonrise (Glorantha Sourcebook p.134).  Kind of leaves Mirin's Cross up for grabs by all sorts of folks - probably a busy time for assassins, bodyguards, etc.  I've attached the image of the Appius Luxius coin I put together.  Front: standard Imperial Lunar; reverse: Appius Luxius – Saird (commemorating his installation as Lunar Provincial Governor 1586).

Gormoral, King of Vanch - if the description sounds like something MOB would create, you'd be right!  Here's a bit more that I've put together:  "Gormoral is the latest representative of the Vendorsvaling dynasty, referred to as the Redwings by some, which succeeded the Lawspeaker dynasty after the event called the Crow’s Bane.  He and his predecessors wear formal masks in public and each mask is named.  The Lunars claim that this is in imitation of the Emperor himself and that the Vanchites, as usual, have stolen the idea.  The Vanchites say that this is a reflection of Gormoral's dedication to his god.  King Gormoral's mask is called The Gatherer.  In this guise, he has acquired land from Imther, including New Lolon, with the aid and cooperation of the Lunar Provincial Government, though some of the lands he wants have fallen to Holay instead.  While Gormoral would like to rule all of Imther and hold control over the dwarfs of Imther, his attentions always return to his books and his parties.  He has a great desire to gain Wearomon’s New Lolon Gospel for himself."

Hahlgrim Ironsword and Hakon the Swimmer - nice to see some of the Bilini/Talastar folk included here.  I loved the old stories in Cults of Terror where they first appeared.

Icilius Overholy, General Priestess of the Provincial Church - the Glorantha Sourcebook doesn't say, but my guess is that she's another victim of the Dragonrise.  How could she not be there!?

Inrana, Queen of Holay - nice vow, and undoubtedly she has many challenges to put before her suitors, not to mention hiring folk to help her cause.

Margor, King of Imther - think I commented on him in the Imther chapter section.  However here's a bit more of my writeup on him:  "Margor is a wealthy, though dour and brooding man.  In appearance, he is short, lame, and bald, though his black beard is long in the old Dara Happan style and oiled.  To cover his bald head, the vain king wears a black hairpiece sown by his servants from the finest goat hair, and then fitted with one of his many crowns.  He uses his wealth to acquire many fine clothes including silken shirts and handsomely dyed cloaks, as well as the finest and fiercest black hounds from Saird.  In order to disguise his short stature, he sits on a high, raised throne and requires all who dine with him to sit below him.  He is always attended by the Speaker of the Line - a skald who can recite the entire lineage of the kings of Imther back 1600+ years to ancient Sidar.... King Margor thinks himself a brilliant strategist [having emerged victorious in the Imtherian Civil War] and ruler and is humored by the sycophants of his court and given panegyrics by the emissaries of the surrounding rulers (even as they gobble up his lands).  The Lunar Provincial Governor considers Margor to be an incompetent fool, though a necessary one to keep the trade with the dwarfs open (a feeling held by neighboring rulers such as King Gormoral of Vanch)."

Quinscion the Patient - on the plus side, Quinscion gets to stay behind while others go off to dedicate the New Lunar Temple in Sartar.  I'm fairly certain he is not of a satrapal lineage, but he and his kin Anqus Farquinils come from Red Fish City and the latter is a Yelm priest so perhaps Quinscion is also of the Farquinil family, and thus one of the priestly families of DH.  I suspect he has strong Eel-ariash connections as he came to the provinces with Phargentes who was the 1st Lunar Provincial Admin.

Ralzakark - lots of other tidbits on him elsewhere in the Guide.

Rascius, King of Aggar - of the Provincial Kings and Queens, he may have the best chance of surviving.  Then again, the hordes of Dorastor may spill out across Aggar.


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p.336 - nice to see the illustration of Jannisor and his companions.  That he's riding a sable is a nice touch, particularly before his betrayal.  Interesting depiction of Jannisor's daemon familiar, Karash’arll.  Likely gained that ally on some Jajagappa-related quest as Karash'arll seems to have some dog-like aspects.  Perhaps he comes from the Nightwood?

Both Jannisor's War (p.336) and Jannisor's Vase (p.338) appeared in WF12, so those tales have been around for awhile. 

Of the Underworld figures on the vase, Jajagappa and Annara Gor (aka Ty Kora Tek) can be clearly placed in the DH Underworld of the Gods Wall.  I've always wondered who the “Holder” was though, whose jar can imprison any soul for up to seven earth years.  As "a real terror to non-Lunar magicians" she must be part of the Lunar pantheon of Underworld figures.  Possible she is related to Natha but otherwise it would seem she is largely unknown at this point.

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