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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 14 - Vanch

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Ah, Vanch!  Nothing like a bunch of scavenging, raccoon-god worshipping folk!  To be fair, they are indeed merely pragmatic and mercenary.  They survive.

Despite not being directly named, Tunoral, the beloved Raccoon God, still hides in the pages as is his rather furtive and reclusive nature.  So much the better to take advantage of unwary visitors such as the Light-blinded Yelmalions who chance to take a Tunoraling as their guide to the Hill of Gold.

If I recall correctly, Tunoral got his start in my correspondence with Greg as I drafted the Verenmars Saga.  He made his first appearance in Enclosure #2 back in 1998 in the story "The Fall of Heliakal", which was yet another Hill of Gold story.  Heliakal (var. Heliacal) doesn't make his appearance in the Guide until p.711.

Much of Vanchite geography also got its start back in Enclosure #2.  You'll find the rivers there:  the Bikosin (aka Green Vale), the Aryela, the Silverstone, the Dorayela, the Jader.  Bikhy dates back to at least the old Genertela book though just noted as the "capital of Vanch".  I don't recall when or where New Lolon first appears.

As with Imther, there's more Orlanthi culture here than you might think.  But it's well-mixed with DH, Yelmalion, and other bits and pieces added over the centuries.  A lot of syncretism here.

Noted in the errata thread, Peralam should not be sitting atop the Hill of Gold.  It should be one hex to the south-east.  There's a lot of charlatans, tricksters, and con-men there, as befits a place of pilgrimage.  And then there are those drafted to play Orlanth, Zorak Zoran, etc.  Pity the poor Yelmalion when the real ones show up in their quests!

Hopefully, one of these days, more of Vanch will make more of an appearance.  In the meantime, there's always some bits here:


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