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The Conspiracy Theory, a primer for Revolution D100


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Oswald’s Razor

When selecting among competing explanations for any event, choose the conspiracy theory.

Mr. Joel, Cats of Catthulhu


Welcome to the real world. The world where what you read in the Deep Internet is true. Where Princess Yasmine von Hohenstaufen is the rightful heiress to the Holy Roman Emperor. Where Project Apollo did not really reach the Moon because “they” would not allow it. Where the Monna Lisa in the Louvre is a copy. Where Paul McCartney died in 1969 and was replaced by a look-alike. Where heroes do not die, they just go to sleep in preparation for the world’s direst hour.

In this game, the player characters are these sleeping heroes, ready to face a threat from beyond the stars.

The Conspiracy Theory is a primer for Revolution D100, designed to help players try its mechanics without reading all the rules. It focuses primarily on Advanced Combat, which is the part of the rules that most readers find intimidating. Groups already familiar with Rd100 conflicts will find hooks to enrich the adventure with non-violent conflicts, but the main focus of the primer remains combat, both with firearms and with classic hand weapons like swords and axes. By guiding the group through a series of encounters that introduce new rules gradually, the primer will let you try most features of Revolution D100 one morsel at a time, by playing a selected subset of options rather than studying all the options available. It is also meant to showcase how effective Revolution D100 is in handling cross-genre contamination.

The adventure includes six pre-generated characters, in order to let you sit down and play it with minimal preparation. Most players will find these heroes "interesting". The primer can be used stand-alone as it includes a summary of all rules used, but does not include character generation, and as such it is not designed to be a playable game in itself: you already have the SRD for this.

The draft version of the primer will be ready within this week. Please contact me to receive a playtest copy. The purpose of this early release is playing the scenario, not just reading it, so please apply only if you wish to give it a try in the near future. The scenario can be completed in one or two evenings.


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