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Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 16 - East Wilds

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p377 - the most surprising feature about the picture is that Alangellia was the last ruler in Ralios that I would have associated with Arkat.

p384 - Irn is finally located.  Was surprised to see it in Ralios when I had assumed from the mention of Elder Secrets that it was in Maniria.

p385 - Tinaros has a pretty interesting religious setup.  Argin Terror disdains all cults with equal disdain so that cults unwelcome in other cities have temples here.  I wonder if that includes Chaotic cults?


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p395 - Keanos is referred to as a single tribe, numbering "but thousands," but the population is given as 100,000. This puts this single tribe on the level of neighbouring Saug, or the rural population of Sartar. If this is the case, their tribal king should more than qualify for equity with their neighbours, because this is a feat I think any other Orlanthi would have trouble with.

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