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  1. Tindalos

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Ah, drat. I hadn't realised my copy of HeroQuest: Glorantha and the Elven Lights were so far out of date. Are there updated versions?
  2. Tindalos

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Presumably in those places which easily grow it. In far off Pavis and Sartar they apparently still dole out potato bread.
  3. Tindalos

    God Forgot People

    How many people in God Forgot are Ingareen, how many are Brithini?
  4. Tindalos

    Gloranthan Martial Arts

    I imagine that the warrior societies of Seshnela may teach their members martial arts based upon their beast. The Snake Society housed in Laraness could favour quick strikes, both with hand and blade, their martial arts designed to strike from angles their opponent wouldn't expect, or block blows by entwining limbs. In comparison, Levane's Lion Society could be focused on brutal boxing techniques, designed to put people out of commission as fast as possible. Equally however, they could also be trained in Quickdraw, bringing their weapons to action in a single moment. Useful for bodyguards like Rodtakmar.
  5. Tindalos

    Great Celestial River Hippopotamus

    IMG, they're regarded as the mortal offspring of the River Horse spirits. They escaped Chaos by giving up their spiritual nature, but in the process they lost their great beauty and became fearsome and savage beasts to survive. The Zola Fel has quite a few, especially in the marshy areas.
  6. Tindalos

    Is barding a thing in Glorantha?

    GtG 407 specifies that horses are reserved for Talars. It never directly says that it's forbidden, just that Horali never ride them, so I figure Arolanit's Horali are all infantry.
  7. Tindalos

    Is barding a thing in Glorantha?

    Yeah, the Iron Blood (or local equivalent) school probably has sorcerers devoted to enchanting the mounts of cataphracts, casting Enhance STR on them all, while those riders who lack access to this may know the Strength spirit magic spell instead.
  8. Tindalos

    what are these runes?

    Yeah, that one was a bit ridiculous, although it made me laugh. Unfortunately, few of the ciphers have ever lived up to the first one I figured out, "Ezkankekko shall rise again and rule a new kingdom of night." in HQ1's Argan Argar cult. (p.122)
  9. Tindalos

    what are these runes?

    They are the personal runes of Velhara and Varanorlanth. That makes it likely the location of Esjenen, the First Land. And those meaningless collections of runes are actually ciphers. For example, the bit beneath Ana Gor's write up says "It will always be, because when Havan Vor was killed his blood spilled here"
  10. Is that the Red Moon in the sky on the left hand side? Isn't that too far south compared to the Gods Wall?
  11. Tindalos

    Orlanth the Abuser

    My guess is that myth is Esrolian in origin, or at least influenced by them. They are a Heortling culture, and the Book of Heortling People contains myths from a great variety of sources ("The Generations of People, or The Cloud Animals," for instance, shows a Malkioni influence with its talk of Devolution and Law.) The Esrolians sometimes take a dim view of Orlanth, as seen in the myth of the Second War (Esrolia: The Land of 10,000 goddesses page 28, which may also be a version of this story) it would not surprise me if a story of Orlanth's pride being easily hurt and only soothed by Ernalda projecting meekness was from their point of view.
  12. Tindalos

    Cosmology musings (was Elmal/Yelmalio)

    I'm still not sure about that. Although not explicitly mentioned as worshipped, Nakala is mentioned as having a sanctuary in Tamalior. Elves are known to worship Gata (and are presumably still counted as mortals) I think the particular form we have is primarily a God Learner/Theyalan one. With other cultures having their own variants on the celestial court (the Esiti, the Nine Great Gods, the Avanparloth, the Glorantay, the Jernotian Council). Even the Orlanthi have a version where the Old Gods are given titles rather than names, such as Maker of Rules, Deep Wisdom, and Words of Power (in the myth of the Making War, or the First Harp. Where interestingly Harana Ilor postdates Umath.)
  13. Tindalos

    Cosmology musings (was Elmal/Yelmalio)

    The Esiti and the Enerali Nine Great Gods are/were their culture's equivalent of the cosmic court are also worshipped. (Or were in much of the Nine Great Gods case)
  14. Tindalos

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Of course the Gloranthan equivalent of Barbarian is Jabberer, a Malkioni term which obviously shares the origin with barbarian. So quite probably the Dara Happans are barbarians, being non-Malkioni. (Although they may have picked it up as a calque or loanword from the Carmanians to use with others)
  15. Tindalos

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    It wouldn't surprise me if the Grandmothers actually invited them. Looking at the map of Nochet we can see Little Vanntar and Elmal Town are right next door to each other. It's entirely possible that prior to Monrogh, those two were part of the same larger region. (Probably incorporating Stepside and eastern Graceside.) As the Elmali are naturally loyal to Orlanth, this would be an annoying thorn in the side of the Grandmothers, as they'd prefer Orlanth's supporters keep outside the Storm Gate. But then there's this reborn cult, who don't have loyalty to Orlanth. They'd be a natural choice for breaking up that potential power bloc.