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  1. Well, it depends on if you'd count those as variable. It could be reasonable to assume so, since they have varying levels of effect, and the crystal never calls out spirit magic spells only, so it should be possible. A 2 magic point Sword Trance becoming a 4-point one.
  2. Back in Elder Secrets the different type of crystals were all associated with various gods. (And gave many specific names) Power Enhancing Crystals were noted as being associated with Storm gods (along with Sensitivity Crystals.) The accompanying text does suggest that crystals can be even further limited. Mentioning Yelmalio's Toe Blood which was explained as enhancing the Light spell. (And two other crystals with the same name and powers outside the standard rules for crystals.) I'd say it's a perfectly reasonable idea to limit some crystals to specific spells/types of spells, and one that can enhance the world when playing. Certainly Elder Secrets urged GMs to use more fanciful names rather than the functional names given by God Learners. So if you want a special Humakti power enhancing crystal that only affects Bladesharp, that seems a fitting thing.
  3. When they did have sorcery versions of Power Enhancing Crystals, PEC had that same restriction, so it was only double up to the crystal's POW.
  4. Now, this could have an effect. But it could also depend on nature vs nurture. We know that having a high Fire/Sky Rune can affect your intelligence (RQ:G 53.) We also know that your culture can affect your runic make up, with Grazelanders and Impala Riders having a bonus to their Fire/Sky Rune (RQ:G 45.) Your homeland is at least influenced by your parents, so if your parents are Grazelanders, you've got a (very, very slight) tendency towards a higher intelligence. Given the Malkioni interest in lines of descent (what with two of Zzabur's books being entirely about genealogy) it's possible that some sorcerers might find it an interesting source of magic.
  5. I'm thinking these may be connected events. The Battle of Akashar, as something that happened after the flood, may be a battle of the War of Many Suns, specifically against Sedenya, also known as the Changer (GRoY 14), and a false sun (24, 31) who started the war.
  6. Which could also be linked with Azerlo, the wife of Derdromus in Pelandan mythology, who was seduced by ViSaruDaran (Lodril.) (Of course, that myth of ViSaruDaran, Derdromus, and Azerlo is also very similar to the myth of Orlanth, Bistos, and Nira ("When Orlanth was Prisoner") with the heroic god even leaving a child with the underground woman. Veskerele for Azerlo and ViSaruDaran, Finovan for Nira and Orlanth.)
  7. I imagine in those circumstances, you're expected to pay the wergild anyway, which they will then gift to the healer in thanks. This is one of the ways healers can support themselves, since they don't have the spare time to farm and if they're Chalannan then they may not be able to hunt or similar. If it's just something healable with battle magic, then in the words of Thunder Rebels: "If the wound be not serious, there is no need for justice." While no longer canon, that saying would still hold weight. You don't need to pay for something that's not serious, but of course maybe you and they would disagree on what's serious, which would be a matter for your clans' rings.
  8. Yeah, YGWV is what's usually found. I do understand the frustrations here. The Sartar books being said to be canon, and only finding out about the retcons being retconned when they're retcons can be annoying. But I also completely understand that no book's going to be put out with the warning that it's inaccurate but the budget doesn't allow for more accuracy; so these things are going to happen regretfully. So things can at best be said as accurate for the time and with the proviso that later works may change things when better things are available.
  9. It's also worth noting that the study of meteors is part of the Celestial Lore skill in RuneQuest Glorantha. While meteors do not require the existence of meteorites, it doesn't seem a big leap.
  10. A good point. Not for nothing is the Lion society based in the city neighbouring Basmol after all. A lot of the beast societies probably owe their origins to hsunchen and related groups. (Pralori for the Deer Society, Fornao with the Horse Society (especially as most modern "Sesnegi" are of Fornao blood,) I imagine the Snake Society may be connected to Seshna Likita herself given Laraness's guardian, and the Telmori who were defeated by Isarnos and gave ride to Grodlam are also responsible for the Wolf Society. Which just leaves the Bull Society (which may actually be two,) the Mammoth, and the Boar of the known societies.)
  11. Also Horali use rune and spirit magic, presumably from the guardians of their ancient beast societies. And I imagine some Rokari cataphracts have found some way to justify the Fireblade spirit magic through memory of Gerlant and his dynasty.
  12. There's also a brief mention in the opening of Umathela's section (p. 620) where they're mentioned as one of the man kinds of megafauna living in their forests and river valleys.
  13. True enough, and there are several examples given for Orlanthi in older sources. Dushi, Elnor, Entarios, Leikan, Levru in Thunder Rebels for example. Or how Umathkar's listed as a male name, and as a prominent queen of the Colymar.
  14. It depends on the particular school of Malkionism. Reincarnation is the belief of Hrestoli schools. (GtG. 53) The Brithini don't have an afterlife (GtG. 405) While I can't find a published source on the Rokari, there is this, where they were described as believing in oneness with the Invisible God after death, if you had fulfilled your caste duties properly that is.
  15. There's also Berra Thengan in Dorastor Land of Doom's Riskland campaign. Berra being listed at other times as a female name (such as most recently RQ:G 103) On the other hand, it's possible here that rather than the terminal "a" being a suffix of its own, it could be the nucleus of a syllable. "Ors-toh-ra" and "Ber-ra." If there's a particular need to make it more logical.
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