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  1. The family tree in the Glorantha Sourcebook (page 107) has them both as the children of Orlanth and Ernalda together, which supports you. I think it would make a great deal of sense for them to be twins.
  2. It's the problem of one term doing double duty (or triple, etc.) The three "noble" occupations of RQG (Noble, Priest, and Scribe) appear to actually be part of the "Free Wealthy" social class. Harmast is in an interesting position as his father is a true noble, while Harmast isn't even a part of the "petty nobility" that the Free Wealthy represent, but just a regular farmer.
  3. You might hear something like "My nephew has no talent for field work, but has a steady hand and keen eye. I ask that you teach him as a scribe, so that he can prove his worth. It is my hope that when he is a man, he will prove himself able to use the Knowing God's wisdom and the magic of books." Sorcery is probably a term the Orlanthi would view with suspicion, as it suggests magic without the gods. While Lhankor Mhy's magic is just his blessings, showing people how to use the old magic of the world, and his scribes and sages are sure to remember the gods in what they do. Lea
  4. Ah, I think I've seen the measuring device for that!
  5. Arandayla, the horse goddess worshipped by the Grazelanders; and Hippoi, the horse goddess of Pent, are probably the same.
  6. Tindalos


    Which is interesting as the representative of God Forgot in the guide is clearly wearing a similar torc, and is in their traditional costume. I agree he's certainly not in Zzaburi clothing, even if his skin would be right, but if the turban, the jewel in the forehead, the earrings, and it looks like the himation as well are traditional God Forgot clothing, then they're probably what the Talar wears -- suitable for the God-King.
  7. Tindalos


    The depiction in the guide (page 238) and in Prince of Sartar (pages 44-45, referred to as his original body) has the appearance of someone from God Forgot, and dressed in their clothing. In the comic, he's even blue, suggesting he may be a Zzaburi!
  8. Given the mention in the guide that nobles engage in "a brutal blend of boxing and wrestling." (page 52) It's probably similar to pankration or mixed martial arts. I could also still see the warrior societies, "halfwitted hsunchen" and all, having martial arts based on their Martial Beast. Lion warriors focusing on fierce punches like the blows of a lion's paw; Snake warriors relying on either swift strikes or grappling holds. Of course in war, that's the time for weapons and armour, but in peace they still have to keep up their training.
  9. I mean, all things aside, so's the Red Moon? It's more of a subject for another thread, but it comes down to the changing nature of canon, depending on the books you use, and the era they're from, you'll get very different answers.
  10. On a similar line to Blood of Zeus, there's the recent animated series Onyx Equinox. Shown on an anime streaming service of all things, it's set in Mesoamerica, with characters from different cultures (Mexica, Mayan, Zapotec, Totonac) The combination of the supernatural being an acknowledged part of the world, deities as an important part of the story, and who need sacrifice, the quest to save humanity from destruction, and just the look into many different cultures with their art and design, makes this a potential source of Gloranthan inspiration.
  11. The more than a millennium of development. Even the cult of Yelm has changed massively, as detailed in the Fortunate Succession. Current Dara Happan thought holds that Yelm became more remote than he was in Khordavu's day as well. (GtG 725) So it's understandable how the culture would have changed alongside the cult.
  12. Ah, so the Dara Happans now view things as having Yelm be silent from Gerruskoger's reign to Khordavu's reign, and not that he only returned then? And the Kargzant Gerruskoger elevates actually Yu-Kargzant without him knowing? That makes sense. Works for me. I don't know, when your tribe has a strong connection to Humakt, wouldn't "killer" be a positive nickname?
  13. But not the sun, as noted in the link, as the Dara Happans proved that (despite not recognising it for 220 years). Lightfore may have been the light in the darkness, but it's a planet.
  14. Hero War's usage of the cult gave a lot of people the impression it had survived, what with it not being set in the resettlement saga. Given your post on facebook, as quoted here, it seems like Yelmalio is the Lightfore, and not the sun though?
  15. The rulebooks around the time probably had more of an in influence on that, and previous notions of Sun worshipping hill tribes in Cults of Prax.
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