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  1. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    IMG Durulz are some form of bird-like dinosaur. The recently discovered Halszkaraptor would probably be similar.
  2. Bits of Glorantha you ignore

    Bipedal Morokanth. I don't know just where they came from, but they seem to have infested Glorantha. So I ignore 'em.
  3. p395 - Keanos is referred to as a single tribe, numbering "but thousands," but the population is given as 100,000. This puts this single tribe on the level of neighbouring Saug, or the rural population of Sartar. If this is the case, their tribal king should more than qualify for equity with their neighbours, because this is a feat I think any other Orlanthi would have trouble with.
  4. The guide mentions (on page 410) the idea of Sacred War, with capital letters suggesting it's a proper noun. My guess is this is the old Crusade magic, with a new name.
  5. Why is sea water salty while most lakes are not?

    In Nomad Gods, Rainbow Girl is one of the spirits of air. However, she is noted as being the intercessor between gods and men, and between different pantheons.
  6. Why is sea water salty while most lakes are not?

    This is supported by Saltcastle in Maniria; built over the grave of a Gods Age army of the sea, who were defeated by Veskarthan. The salt is their remains.
  7. Why is sea water salty while most lakes are not?

    The rivers are not salty because they lost much of their purity. Salt is the gift of Nelat, god of purification. It is used to cleanse things of evil, such as enemies of the sea, to make them good. This can be seen when the surface god Orlanth plunged into Nelat's baths of acidic brine that burned him like fire. And even on the surface, salt is used to purify things, and to prevent Chaos from growing in tainted places. Nelat's gift makes the sea salty so that it would be protected from corruption, but the rivers and most lakes were too far to receive it.
  8. Troll wind Lord.

    Interestingly, in Cults of Prax, the two cults are listed as Friendly. Which is understandable, they have had several friendly encounters. Most notably when Orlanth showed his feet to her, and they had a son. It is possible that many Trollish "Orlanthi" worship Crushing Noise. There's also the possibility of a Troll worshipping the Orlanth subcult of Desemborth, so that they can get back the Sandals of Darkness that Orlanth stole. And now to get silly... given that "feet" is a euphemism, the Sandals of Darkness may in fact be something else entirely.
  9. The Cover of Original HeroQuest (1st)

    According to the gallery on the old Glorantha site, the figures on those books were Orlanth and the Red Goddess.
  10. Troll wind Lord.

    In addition, Cults of Prax lists three percent of Praxian Trolls as worshipping Orlanth.
  11. Masters of Luck & Death Wargame

    Has a few of the pictures for the tokens, which is nice to see.
  12. Runic associations

    The book has the list as an in universe idea, and one where they're worried that the Sixth Concept really is Moon. Other suggestions they've made in the past has been Stone or Man.
  13. Runic associations

    The HeroQuest 1 supplement Masters of Luck and Death also has a set of elemental correspondences, which may be of use. Darkness Water Earth Fire Air [Unknown] Direction Below South East Above West North Color Purple Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Action Conceal Create Heal/Repair Command Fight ??? Flora Fungi Algae Grain/Shrubs Flowers Trees ??? Fauna Insects Fish Reptiles Birds Mammals Human Metal Lead Quicksilver Copper Gold Tin Silver Stone Obsidian Pearl Emerald Beryl Flint Ruby? Flesh Fat Blood Bone Sinew Muscle Skin? Organ Stomach Genitals Heart Brain Lungs ??? Sense Hearing Taste Touch Sight Smell Balance? Emotion Fear Lust Compassion Pride Anger ??? Weapon Club Net Axe Spear Sword ??? Tool Hammer Net Pot Firestarter Knife ??? Instrument Drum Reed Pipe Bell Harp Horn Voice
  14. Theyalan Language

    Naturally enough. Variation and difference of opinion is almost certainly standard. And of course, likely something that causes rivalry between neighbouring peoples when they don't agree on it.
  15. Theyalan Language

    She's in Gods of Glorantha. There's also Miyo the Rice Mother described in the guide, and Peloria's got Everina as the rice goddess there. Interestingly, a number of different sources note different crops for each goddess. Grain GoG BoHM SKoH/TR Guide Barley Frona Esra Esra Pelora Oat Esrola Esrola Usara - Rye Seshna Suchara Suchara - Wheat Ralia Fresala Pelora - Pela's interesting, as in Dara Happa she's associated with Barley, while she was viewed as Pelora by the Orlanthi commentator. Meanwhile HQ Glorantha notes that Pelora's the general goddess of grains for Northern Orlanthi, while wheat is her speciality; with Esra fulfilling the same role in the south with Barley as her speciality.