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  1. Tindalos


    In the article about Ernaldan Initiation there's a discussion about menarche and menstruation. I'm not sure about any mythology about elsewhere. I did like Scott Martin's connection of Shelpelkirt to niddah, which would presumably make the name's usage in a pre-Lunar context as a demon who causes women menstrual cramps, migraines, depression, and other negative conditions during menstruation. Of course, assuming the menstrual cycle isn't particularly different in Glorantha, it wouldn't be associated with any of the moons. The Red Moon has a cycle of every 7 days, while the Blue Streak takes even less time. And while there's been some discussion of associating it with Entekos/Moskalf in the past, that would put the cycle at 62 days. Interestingly, the menstrual cycle is approximately 28 days long. which is also roughly the planetary cycle of the red planet, Tolat/Shargash. When the red planet is visible, it's sometimes said to be a good time to have children (others say it's a good time to make war instead) which could point to a connection as well. Unless there's any other connection, I'd suggest that there may be a mythological origin based around the red planet.
  2. Tindalos

    RQ Sorcery

    And this is why bound spirits would be very useful for sorcerers. Sure it's two points of POW for binding one to an object, but that's something you can recover through other means. (Such as training, or taking part in worship ceremonies.) In return, you get the spirit's magic points to fuel your magic. A potent wizard likely has many spirits and elementals bound to his service. This helps show the power of sorcery, for you can make the rebellious spirits act according to the laws of the Invisible God, and the whims of the wizard.
  3. Tindalos

    Coal in Glorantha

    There is a mention in RQ:G 256, where coal is a substance that you could use Detect Substance on. (Well, it mentions it as a particular substance for spell purposes, but that seems to be the main use) The other uses of coals seem to be more using it in the sense of mostly-burned wood.
  4. Tindalos

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    I imagine they may not have had much need for a speciality one, or there may have been one who got supplanted by Waha, much like some other gods such as Varnaval or Siwend got replaced. It may be that non-Heortling Orlanthi who have little contact with Prax may have a different god of animal products. Of course, either way the cult of Waha amongst the Orlanthi would be very different to the one in HQ:G or RQ:G, since I doubt anyone would require them to go join a Praxian tribe or tradition.
  5. Tindalos

    Horses, birds, and cattle

    Ah, so much like the Qa-Ying are counted among the Kralori Hsunchen despite being Wind Children? I am curious if the name Lofak has any connection to the Lo-fak Yak people of the Shanshan.
  6. Tindalos


    Of course, barely exists is a relative term. A cult with 1500 members in Sartar may barely exist in global lozengal terms, but can still be important in local respects, since the Lunars are using him as a tame Storm to appeal to converts. (Of course YGWV, but assuming the list of canon material's not lost too many sourcebooks.)
  7. Tindalos


    There may be a connection here with people of Sidara in dawn age Imther. They worshipped Sidar the Horned Goat Father and Miapora the Mountain Goat Mother. The Imtherian Orlanthi still herd goats, and may be descendants of these people. If there's a particular Kolating centred culture, I'd assume you'd find it in Longsi Land, in the ancient territory of the Harandrings. This is due to their proximity to Doktados Mountain, Kolat's earthly home. As the local Sacred Peak, the Orlanth worshippers will be travelling here on Holy Days, so there's likely to be some Kolating worship at the same time.
  8. Tindalos

    Etymology of Tarsh?

    Both of these, when taken together could result in Tarsh originally being Tarshi, the High Mountain, aka Wintertop. It was originally Arim's people's name for Kerofinela, which got adopted as the name for his kingdom when used by outsiders.
  9. Tindalos

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Ah, drat. I hadn't realised my copy of HeroQuest: Glorantha and the Elven Lights were so far out of date. Are there updated versions?
  10. Tindalos

    Who's the Orlanthi deity of...

    Presumably in those places which easily grow it. In far off Pavis and Sartar they apparently still dole out potato bread.
  11. Tindalos

    God Forgot People

    How many people in God Forgot are Ingareen, how many are Brithini?
  12. Tindalos

    Gloranthan Martial Arts

    I imagine that the warrior societies of Seshnela may teach their members martial arts based upon their beast. The Snake Society housed in Laraness could favour quick strikes, both with hand and blade, their martial arts designed to strike from angles their opponent wouldn't expect, or block blows by entwining limbs. In comparison, Levane's Lion Society could be focused on brutal boxing techniques, designed to put people out of commission as fast as possible. Equally however, they could also be trained in Quickdraw, bringing their weapons to action in a single moment. Useful for bodyguards like Rodtakmar.
  13. Tindalos

    Great Celestial River Hippopotamus

    IMG, they're regarded as the mortal offspring of the River Horse spirits. They escaped Chaos by giving up their spiritual nature, but in the process they lost their great beauty and became fearsome and savage beasts to survive. The Zola Fel has quite a few, especially in the marshy areas.
  14. Tindalos

    Is barding a thing in Glorantha?

    GtG 407 specifies that horses are reserved for Talars. It never directly says that it's forbidden, just that Horali never ride them, so I figure Arolanit's Horali are all infantry.
  15. Tindalos

    Is barding a thing in Glorantha?

    Yeah, the Iron Blood (or local equivalent) school probably has sorcerers devoted to enchanting the mounts of cataphracts, casting Enhance STR on them all, while those riders who lack access to this may know the Strength spirit magic spell instead.