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  1. Tindalos

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    And so''s Treat Disease, another skill that would presumably involve magical knowledge (to deal with disease spirits) and can be used in tandem with runic, shamanic, or sorcerous magic for more efficacy.
  2. Tindalos

    Lhankor Mhy Sorcery and Meldeks

    In Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes, the Mostali say that their magic is called alchemy by others, and classed as a type of sorcery. (261) My guess is you could class Alchemy as a form of Natural Philosophy, and use sorcery as part of it.
  3. Tindalos

    Using an ability as an augment for itself

    A houserule I've used in the past is that you can't augment with an ability that's a breakout from the same keyword, or the keyword itself. So augmenting an ability with itself would be covered by that.
  4. Tindalos

    RQG Sorcery

    Given the RQ:G mention of familiars in the spirit binding spell, there's the implication there that familiars are animals with spirits bound into them. The question then becomes, can the Bind Elemental and Bind Spirit sorcery spells be cast on animals? Given the spells appear to be similar to the Binding Enchantment spirit and rune magic spells, it wouldn't surprise me if so. Of course, the only previous example of a Malkioni wizard with a familiar that I recall (Arlaten the White, in Strangers in Prax) had an unliving familiar of bronze, typically as a metal staff, the question may be academic. Now while no wizard would dream of using such a spirit's spirit magic. they can still use the bound spirits' magic points. Which is extremely useful for fuelling sorcery, especially if the wizard wants to cast spells against spirits, without risking losing spirit combat. As for Zzabur's familiar, Britha may make a good option, as an elemental bound into the island. Perhaps a wizard studying the story of the Ill-Intentioned Goddess mentioned in Revealed Mythologies could learn Bind Elemental.
  5. Tindalos

    RQG Preview - more of the Bestiary

    Mentioned under associated cults. Elder Sister cultists can summon small gnomes. If you're not a dryad and want to summon a gnome, you need to join the cults of Babeester Gor or Ernalda.
  6. Tindalos

    RQG Sorcery

    I'm not so sure. That would make this the only spell where you're not dispelling the rune associated with the spell, and the description of the dispel technique says you are dispelling a specific manifestation of the rune.
  7. Tindalos

    RQG Sorcery

    It dispels the Truth as known to the subject, which is corrupted by madness, confusion, or charisma. Thus freed from the infliction, the subject's natural logic reasserts itself, bringing the true Truth back into their mind.
  8. Tindalos

    RQG Sorcery

    Sounds like they're the same ones as in HQ:G: Move Vessel Quickly Across Waters, and Stop Vessel in the Water? They're specialities of the Debaldan School, one of the original Zzaburi schools of magic, and pretty prominent. So interesting to see that they're in RQ:G as well.
  9. Tindalos

    Other Runes

    Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes notes that most of the lesser runes are subsets of Core Runes, and that the game simulates them as just placing restrictions on the deity's runes to show their usage. (Page 72) I think, conversely, you can also use the lesser runes in play to as a reminder of the limitations of a character's rune affinity usage. For example, Yelmalio is frequently given the Light Rune, a specialized form of the Fire rune, showing he has lost the heat and warmth of the original rune. This can help as a reminder that Yelmalians can't make arrows burst into flame, and that they may need to find another way to defeat gorp and other similar creatures. Likewise, you can use the Horse, Yinkin, or Bear runes as subsets of the beast rune (often combined with an element). Acting as a reminder that an Odaylan isn't likely to be able to use their rune to calm down a herd of cattle (It might even act as a flaw!) Or a Babeester Gori could have the Malign Earth to remind the player that they can't use the more life-supporting aspect of the earth. And Helerans use the Rain rune to show their god's power of Water-in-Air, while Pamalt's shamans can use the Power rune to do... whatever it is that makes the Power rune different from the Mastery rune.
  10. Tindalos

    Other Runes

    Many of these, I've only seen before in the old rune list pdf for HW/HQ1. Many obscure and minor runes. Here's what I can find, going column by column: Column 1: Cold, Undeath, the Gods World, Law, Kralorela/Dragon, the Storm Pantheon, Shargash, Spirit, Horse, Malkion, Rain, Yinkin/Sensuality/Alynx, Light, Pamalt/Power, Barntar, Sartar, Hell. Column 2: Heat, Bear/Hunting, Making, Gerlant, Plant (Replaced the old plant rune for a while), Sedenya, Teelo Norri? (I think. The rune's very slightly different), the Mostali "Pantheon", Fire/Sky, Undeath again, Urvairinus, the Wolf Pirates, Water (Replaced the old water rune for a while), Chaos (god learner rune to indicate chaos as a power rune, in opposition to Law. Or the London Underground), Yanafal Tarnils, Zaytenera/Zaytenerus, Magasta Sshalorgesh, ???. Column 3: Dark Earth, ???, Rokar, the Living Dragon Society, Mineral, Malkion again, ???, the Floating Seed Movement, Iron Dwarf Being, Lanbril, Arkat, Recreation, the Mortal World, the Spirit World, the Sorcery World, the Vithelan Pantheon, Force/Shargash, the Gods of the Future. Column 4: Mashunasan? (I think, the rune's somewhat different), the Lotus Society, Daruda? (I think, the rune's somewhat different), Beast (Replaced the old beast rune for a while), Kralorela/Dragon again, the Celestial Pantheon, the Great Navigator/Army of Tomorrow, Servants of the Cleansing, Barantaros, Asrelia, Babeester Gor. Sorry about the ones I can't figure out. There's a decent mix of specialized forms of other runes (Bear, Cold, Dark Earth), personal and organizational heraldry (Servants of the Clensing, Gerlant), and personal deity runes (Pamalt, Shargash, Asrelia).
  11. Tindalos

    Glorantha timeline query

    Outside of the Theyalan and Dara Happan dating systems, we also have the Vithelan and Brithini systems. It's mentioned in the Guide and Revealthed Mythologies that the Brithini (and Waertagi, Vadeli, and really obsessive Rokari wizards) date things using the turnings of the Red Sands of Time, with the dawn taking place in year 14,825. (Interestingly in Revealed Mythologies it's mentioned that this was the first dawning of the sun seen since the device was used. Indicating that it's only in use since the lesser darkness, and roughly equal to the Dominions of Shargash and Antirius) Revealed Mythologies mentions that the Vithelan Human Cycle (roughly equal to the Gray Age and Time) as starting 2500 years ago. This post of Jeff's over on G+ is also interesting, for potential dating of pre-time.
  12. Tindalos

    Eleven Lights question on ability types

    The ratings are actually from HQ2, page 104. Exceptional abilities can be used as High or Very High resistances. (Note that Very High in HQ2 was +9, rather than +W) Legendary abilities are +1W (Which would be Very High in HQ:G terms) to Nearly Impossible resistances. Significant abilities would presumably cover Low to Moderate resistances.
  13. Tindalos

    Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    Elmal during the great darkness was the cold/distant sun, now associated with the planet Lightfore. (And thus Yelmalio) At the dawn, Orlanth returned with a sacred torch which healed Elmal and made him bright and strong again, making him associated with the Sun. (And thus Yelm) Now, in Nochet you'd probably not want to talk about any similarities around Little Vanntar or Elmal Town.
  14. Tindalos

    re-incarnating with others' bodies

    Zayten(-era/-aras) and Verithur(-us/-a) are also potential male aspects. They certainly have beards on the Gods Wall.
  15. Tindalos

    Six husband-protectors of Ernalda

    Both Elmal and Yelmalio are given temples in Nochet: http://www.glorantha.com/nochet-city-of-queens/ The skytemple in the sacred city likely covers Yelm/Harono. Magasta's not found in Nochet by name, but may still be there.