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  1. Tindalos


    Or somewhere else, like say maybe on a prominent hill, and upsetting the locals when they plan to dedicate it to Jupiter Capitolinus and get Simon ben Kosevah involved.
  2. Tindalos


    You did miss out page 646 as well. Where it mentions Orlanthi call the sun disk Yelm, similar to the Sourcebook where he's again mentioned as the sun disk on page 100. The sourcebook also has the nice bit about Orlanth naming Elmal to rule the world while Orlanth was on the LBQ on page 117, and yeah it also mentions Yelmalio eclipsing Elmal in Dragon Pass over the page. Which if this is also part of Yelmalio's mythos is a really interesting one. Also, the mention of Elmal being among minor gods, without context, may create a bad impression about what minor gods means in that context. Other minor gods mentioned on page 37 of the guide include Chalanna Arroy, Eurmal, Maran Gor, and Storm Bull. Making Gods didn't give the impression that the Elmal cult was destroyed, it describes his first converts coming from the Elmal worshippers who wanted to join the new solar religion, and about him being chosen as leader by half the Pavic tribes. One implication I have seen with regard to Yelmalio is the decreasing of importance when it comes to the sun, and them being more associated with the Lightfore. If this is an erroneous inference, I'm very glad about that. It would be a shame for the Orlanthi to lose two suns.
  3. Tindalos


    The balance between Heler's Rain and Elmal's Cloud Clear? Also Elmal's version of Bless Crops presumably. Yelm's magic would be useful for helping the crops, that's more Lodril's remit with Earthwarm. And of course, as page 288 says "This is the name by which the deity is best known (and not necessarily the name used by the deity’s worshipers)" which is very helpful. Many worshippers are gonna be using the same basic cult write up, but they'll have their own god, they'll recognise outsiders names for them, but just like how the pure horsemen know the sun is Yu-Kargzant, variants will exist elsewhere. And it's more interesting that way, helps make cults and mythology feel alive.
  4. Tindalos


    Well from the latest version of the write up I've seen, here.
  5. Tindalos


    Geas-bound warrior who carries light with them.
  6. Tindalos


    Except maybe in Pelanda. But I agree, there's more there than just relative power. But fitting stuff is nice. And of course there's the irony of the version most famous for losing their heat aspect having the most fire magic. The guide and sourcebook say Elmal and that's good enough for me. The Sun-as-Horse is sometimes an aspect of Yelm and sometimes an aspect of Yelmalio, depending on the time, found as Kargzant, Beren, Galan(in/a), etc. Just like the Bird aspect is likely Sun Hawk and Tholm.
  7. Tindalos


    The answer given in Cults of Prax (which I'm pretty sure was before Lightfore had been revealed to most folk) was that to mountain dwelling people like the Orlanthi, the sun was a source of light but not heat; and Yelmalio was only not associated with the sun in lowland places (like Peloria) where the sky itself was seen as the source of light. To make it worse, Lightfore is sometimes the son of Pole Star (as seen in the Gloranthan Sourcebook), so you know, even more fun there.
  8. Tindalos


    Around the same as Odayla, Engizi, or Yinkin? Half as important as Maran Gor? Sits fine with me.
  9. Tindalos


    And the guide as well. Going with this post here as well, Elmal as the Orlanthi sun god is still how I'd go with it. With more of "Yelmalio the sun of mountain people" as in CoP rather than "Yelmalio as the planet along the sunpath at night" theme. Elmal Yelmalio is probably a popular title, especially where other sun gods are popular; but given the Sun Domers and the neighbouring tribes are enemies, it could also be troublesome among the Locaem, Lismelder, and Colymar.
  10. Tindalos


    You mean like Moorgarki or that work Cragspider did? IMO I can understand people who've been playing with fire using Elmali for a decade, being told he's the main sun god of the Orlanthi, and an important god might be a little frustrated at being told they're wrong for relying on the material that they had available, and the characters they've been playing based on that are wrong because what was once canon isn't.
  11. Tindalos


    True, but what's taken can be regained. Just as Orlanth took Yelmalio's lightning at the hill, and Zorak Zoran took his warmth, a quester can get those back. If enough people do things "wrong" you can end up with a group devoted to it, and if they gain power from being "wrong" I see no reason why they wouldn't come up with a myth about it.
  12. Tindalos


    I imagine there may be a rare subcult of Little Sun with access to salamanders and fire magic, only admissible to those who've defeated Zorak Zoran. Given the ability of HeroQuests to be smaller parts of other quests, there could be other myths like "Elmal rescues Mahome from the trolls" which Monrough proved as a section of the hill of gold where questers deliberately seek a "wrong" outcome.
  13. Tindalos


    The most recent version of the write up for Elmal I've seen is here, where he still has gifts and geasa, but rerolls the one about not talking to Orlanthi.
  14. Maybe some variation in dinosaur types comes from such matings. A maranite stegosaurus with a dragonewt stegosaurus might have kentrosaurus offspring.
  15. The imp of the perverse begs me to suggest that the Musk Ox is actually the child of Storm Bull and Thed.
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