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  1. Ah, I wasn't sure as the maps of Jonstown seem to have the temple district separate from the markets, which page 14 notes as one of the hallmarks. So it's very good to hear clarification on that matter.
  2. Would the usage of the Jrusteli Pattern be unusual? Or is this something some of Sartar's cities use?
  3. My guess is that may be what lead to Hardros Hardslaughter's Tax Slaughter, where he slew the Only Old One and forced the revocation of oaths and obligations. Viewing the dark tax as a way of making the Orlanthi Unfree. Thus showing those two little maxims of Orlanthi still hold true: "No one can make you do anything," and "Violence is always an option."
  4. Probably because we're just seeing them in English. These ranks would sound quite different in Theyalan. Spoilered guesswork:
  5. Of course, as a setting with a bronze/iron age theme, it can be possible to use ancient artwork and sculptures to liven things up. The British Library has a flickr of various pieces of public domain art and such which may be of use.
  6. Given the looseness of Hsunchen as a term (given it's been applied to Qa-Ying and Galanini), it wouldn't surprise me that this was the case, and you had a wide group of nomadic cattle riding barbarian-belters who split up to become the Tawari, Bisosae, and maybe even the Lo-fak.
  7. It's mentioned the Barmalani had a spell of "remove wound caused by enemy's sword" it wouldn't surprise me if this is the same spell as the old GoG Rokari spell "Neutralize Damage," which was an all-or-nothing locationally-limited healing spell based on intensity.
  8. I could still see it being workable. You've got the dual powers of the underworld, Monster Man/Derdromus/Deshlotralas/Deshkorgos and Azerlo/Annara Gor. Hate and Compassion, easily connected to Zorak Zoran and Xiola Umbar (And even further to Bistos and Nira in the myth of When Orlanth was Prisoner.) Unlike most depictions of Ty Kora Tek, Azerlo is not aged; bearing a son to ViSaruDaran -- Veskerele (something shared with Orlanth and Nira -- Finovan) while Xiola Umbar is noted for her lifegiving nature (although this does seem to be through midwifery rather than motherhood) If nothing else, it wouldn't surprise me if they're sometimes equated in myth re-enactment. Trolls can gain powerful connections through identifying the mistress of compassion with Azerlo. (And maybe the Suppress Lodril runespell, calming her occasional lover)
  9. Given it's position between what would be Hamados (modern Karantas -- the Red City) and Alkoth (the Green City), my guess that may actually be the Ebon City (aka the Black City) with its sacred place being the cave leading to the fourth hell. Edit: Oh, also although called the Descending Pyramid, Gerra's Pyramid as described in the Entekosiad is actually a regular one. The top is a square block, and its sides are tall and steep.
  10. Yes, but it will probably be even more annoying. Entekos is also known as the Mother of Moons (GtG 674) Of course, Addi could be the name of Glorantha herself, who is shown (GtG 113) as bearing a staff, and was leader of the Cosmic Court.
  11. Tindalos

    Wyter Questions

    Don't worry in the slightest about being brusque, it's a good point. I imagine it's just for smoother gameplay, and that any grouping where bonds of passion come into play could bind themselves together with a spirit. (Since without one their bonds would fade away.) Just you don't usually need to worry about each small family's ancestor watching over them, or the ghost the band of thieves propitiates. And Apple Lane is just weird.
  12. Tindalos

    Wyter Questions

    A wyter is the spirit of a community; if you can feel loyalty to it, you can basically have one. (Although ruleswise the bottom limit seems to be 50, with examples being a shrine, large family or vexilla.) The best details on it are in RQ:G pages 286-287. Even Malkioni would have wyters, although they're more likely to be in a far more subservient role. Known origins can include artificial psychic constructs, which seem a pretty Brithini thing to have as a guardian. Other examples of likely Malkioni wyters (limited to Seshnela as I know that best) would include Loronaga -- the serpent woman who protects Laraness, the Arkati demons of Arnlor, the lion-headed guardian of Fralos (who requires a noblewoman to be her priest/intercessor, rather than a wizard), the great flame of Paliros (a form of salamander?), and the totem beasts of the warrior societies.
  13. Well, what we know is that there's rumours of the Lunars having a regiment of vampires training in Peloria's mountains. (GtG 726) We also know that Carmania uncommonly suffers outbreaks of vampires. (GtG 322) It would make sense if the Brass Mountains were where the vampire regiment was located.
  14. The other option there is that Alk is a feminine incarnation of Flamal -- parent to the tree goddess. Of course her description as the nature goddess -- and as mother to Esus (who's also given as Ernalda on page 327 of the guide!) -- could make her the Lady of the Wild(s) (who just to confuse matters, has also been given as a title of Orogeria)
  15. Natha's an incarnation of the Red Goddess, which is the Lunar "in" to Pelanda. Well, Entekos was given as a name to the First Rebel before it was given to the goddess (GRoY 14)... So I mean, if you wanted to have fun you could say she's Vinga Thunderous. When making my own notes/summary of the Entekosiad, I'd noted FaElsor/Karandra/Feder as the Ernalda equivalent, as the mother of animals and people. I'm guessing Vorgetala may be the mother of spirits (specifically ones of the earth. This is likely the same being as earlier editions had as Talosa, goddess of snakes and earth elementals, and the God Learners would probably have dubbed "Queen Gnome" to match with King Undine) Of course, FaElsor was also identified with Lesilla (in the footnotes of FaElsor and the Serpent, page 10) and it could be possible to identify her sisters as other incarnations of the goddess (Arira as Zaytenera, Proveria as Verithurusa, and Koveria into Gerra, with that myth following the Lunar cycle.) Especially with snakes being associated with Sedenya's form of immortality (Entekosiad 33) Ooh interesting. I'm assuming ErtelEnari would be Orogeria, with MemEnari as Lesilla, and I could see a case for SesEnari and Natha (as SesEnari represents the viewpoint of anger) but the others?
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