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Bright Shadows

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I'm new here but I've been playing Stormbringer since the third edition (late 1980's) and I'm happy to see the game is more or less still alive! I don't know how big the game was in its heyday but at least one rpg magazine here in Sweden published an adventure for it (that's how I discovered the game).

A question: I just discovered the supplement Bright Shadows for the Mongoose edition on the stormbringerrpg site, but I can't find any good info about it. Is it worth buying? 


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I wouldn't consider it indispensable.

It details  the Melnibonean people and their island redoubt. There's a lengthy section  on drugs and narcotics used by the Melniboneans. A section  describing  the various theological practices of the Chaos Cults that hold sway on the island, and  a lengthy list of  some common demon-types that you might encounter there.

Would be the most useful if you were planning on  running  a campaign that took place largely on the Dragon Isle.

As an aside, if you do get a physical copy, Mongoose  for a short while were actually printing/binding their own books, with the result that  their books from that period have an unfortunate habit of separating from the spine: something all my  hard-cover Elric/Hawkmoon books from them (for the 1E books) have done.





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I have to pick it up again and have a look at it. One good thing I remember is that it builds upon the Elric! Chaosium sourcebook adding more detail.  There are no major inconsistencies between the two books, starting from the map. So you don't have to choose which version of Melniboné you will use and can use details from both sourcebooks. 

As far as I can remember it does a good job in making the Dragon Isle gameable and outlining a few campaign ideas. 

Binding of my hardcover copy is atrocious, as the previous poster said. However, when Mongoose stopped their own silly binding plant they re-did most of their titles  as softcovers and the softcovers were fine. I have both Elric and Hawkmoon as softcovers and they are reasonably nice and without issues.

Looking online I see that also Bright Shadows has two versions. So, be sure to buy the paperback and NOT the faulty hardcover.





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