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    Been playing RPGs since the 1980's (the swedish fantasy RPG Drakar och Demoner, based on the BRP concept was my first one). In the BRP genre mostly Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer/Elric, but since late Runequest. I'm also an official reviewer for the Swedish RPG magazine Fenix.
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    Numenera, Runequest, Dragon Warriors, Chill, Western (Swedish), Morwhayle (Swedish) and Star Wars.
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    Theater pedagogue and father.

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  1. shugal

    Bright Shadows

    I've only located a hardcover (for €20) and if it's not indispensable I guess I'm able to live without it. Thanks for your nice and quick replies!
  2. Hello, I'm new here but I've been playing Stormbringer since the third edition (late 1980's) and I'm happy to see the game is more or less still alive! I don't know how big the game was in its heyday but at least one rpg magazine here in Sweden published an adventure for it (that's how I discovered the game). A question: I just discovered the supplement Bright Shadows for the Mongoose edition on the stormbringerrpg site, but I can't find any good info about it. Is it worth buying?
  3. Was this topic ever solved? I can help with an English version of the adventure if you PM me.
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