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The "Grand Shaman of Gaming" Turns 70 - Happy Birthday Greg Stafford!


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The Chaosium team sends best wishes and felicitations for a happy 70th birthday to our company founder, chair of the board, and "grand shaman of gaming" - the Mythmaker himself, Greg Stafford

Happy Birthday Greg! 

Best wishes from Dustin, Nick, Mike, Rick, Jeff, Neil, MOB, Raja, Todd, Jason, Susan, Ian, James, Lillian, Lynne and Sandy @Chaosium


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Happy Birthday!

Still hard to believe it's been that long since he founded the company! Feels like only yesterday I discovered RuneQuest!

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Happy Birthday Mr. Stafford and thank you for forty wonderful years of sharing your brainchild of Glorantha with us all. What a marvellous place to lose oneself in the reverie of imagination and role playing. I hope you have many more happy birthdays, prosperity and satisfaction. Bravo, sir, on your journey of seven decades through the tumultuous seas of time, and let's all hope to avoid the final closing of that sea for as long as possible. Congratulations!



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