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Glorantha with OpenQuest?

Prinz Slasar

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Hey folks,

I want to play in Glorantha with (customized) OpenQuest.

I've got OpenQuest 2nd Deluxe (print version) and tons of Mythras+ Glorantha+RQ2/RQ3 material.

My intention is rules-light but I want to capture all the wonderful Glorantha flavors.

Any tips and suggestions how this is handled?

Thanks for any advice.



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I used to publish an advice on how to use OpenQuest in Glorantha in a book called OpenQuest Adventures, which is no longer available.  There was an article in there called "Gloranthan Runes" by Simon Bray which was his take on converting the OpenQuest Magic rules to work within a Gloranthan context and a scenario called Tomb of the Empty Emperor by myself.  

Here's the summary I included in that book.


Three approaches to using OpenQuest with Glorantha
Approach 1: Just make it up as you go along. This is what I did with Tomb of the Empty Emperor. I picked
spells that felt right for the scenario/story and broadly fitted with what I know from the official sources.
Hard fast rules.
• Battle magic is equivalent to Spirit/ Folk magic (no higher than 3 Mag) + available to Cult Initiates. Shamans and
Rune levels can have greater than 3
• Divine is equivalent to Theism with Holy Warriors being Runelords and Priests being Rune Priests
• Sorcery is Sorcery, I don’t distinguish between schools using this approach.

Approach 2: OQ as a system, Cults Compendium for Magic, Gloranthan Classics background and
ready made scenarios. RQ2 used POW x 5 as a resistance roll. Either stick with that, and the attendant
POW increase rolls or select which of the OQ resistance skills (Dodge, Persistence, Resilience) is appropriate
when it crops up in the write-up.

Approach 3: OQ as a tweaked system to use new Moon Designs books. This is the approach Gloranthan
Runes for OpenQuest uses. 


Before you ask I'm not at liberty to pass on Simon's magic rules (which are basically some guidelines for Cult ranks and quick lists of spells by cults) and I'm keeping Tomb to myself ;)

One of the reasons why OpenQuest Adventures got pulled was that with RuneQuest coming back I didn't want support any OQ Gloranthan hack officially. 

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