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Prince of the Solanthi Vale


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We know that the mother of Greymane the Lion king was a daughter of the prince of the Solanthi vale.

Does anyone have any ideas on who the Prince of the Solanthi vale was? Was he a shapechanger who could become a lion, or was he a daimon lion? or something else? perhaps a Heroquester who gained lion powers from the extinict Pendali...or was he a far removed decendant of the Pendali?

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I think that the Solanthi folk or at least some of their ruling families are a branch of the Pendali refugees who settled Basim. But then a majority of the Pendali were absorbed in Serpent King Seshnela, their ancestral ties to the lion spirit possibly remaining strong in some of the lineages, so there is a possibiltiy that some noble family among those Trader Princes who flocked in after the destruction of Old Slontos had this inheritance.

If both his paternal and his maternal lineages had lion ancestry, that might explain how Greymane manifested it much stronger than previous chiefs of the Solanthi.

But all of this is speculation.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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