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Can’t find details of Prax or Pavis


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I got the GtG in the hopes of being able to learn more about Pavis, the Zola Fel valley and Prax, but it seems to be absent from both books.

Sure, there is plenty of info on Praxians and Sartarites and so on, but nothing on the region itself.

Is this deliberate? Is there a 3rd book due out which will detail this?

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More detailed sources are:



Both are invaluable.

1 hour ago, AndrewRead said:

(coulda done with an index I reckon)

The index is in the Second Volume, Pavis entries are on page 785.

See also these threads:



there are a few others as well.


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Search the Glorantha Resource Site: https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com. Search the Glorantha mailing list archives: https://glorantha.steff.in/digests/

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