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Roitina the Ceremonialist


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I posted this on the Glorantha forum on Google, but didn't get much response to it, so I thought I'd try here. 

In S:KoH, Roitina is listed as a Harmony Rune subcult for Ernalda, meaning that a PC must have a 10W in Harmony to become a devotee to Ernalda that way. But the Ceremonialist feat is listed as based on the Earth Rune, not the Harmony Rune. Is this a typo? If not, it seems very strange, because it would mean that the PC probably has a lower Earth Rune score (since she would have to sink a lot of points into Harmony)  and therefore she wouldn't be very good at her own feat. 

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For me, HeroQuest is more about the spirit than the letter of the rules.

If you think that Ceremonialist should be under Harmony then put it under Harmony. 

I can see why it is under the Earth Rune as Ernalda's prime rune is Earth, so a subcult should be about Earth and something else.

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