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Errata and alternate rules


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This thread is a collection of corrections and officially supported alternate rules. Houserules belong to another topic, although they may be included here if they achieve the "officially approved" status.

Fisrt of all, if you have the softcover edition then download the Revolution D100 Official Errata. If you have the hardcover or the PDF, you already have these rules.

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You can use this as a fix for Haste if you feei that it is overpowered, or less useful in Basic Combat than it is in Advanced Combat.



Might *, Range *, Target * individual(s)

This spell adds 1 point to the Movement rate of the recipient, to his Resolution in Basic Combat, and to his or her Strike Readiness in Advanced Combat. The Might of the spell must be equal to the Size Class of the target to work. Each point of Might exceeding its Size Class adds one more point to Movement, Resolution Points and Strike Readiness.

Note that it is similar to how Shimmer works. In general, you can implement this solution for all effects which you feel "overpowered".

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page 22: "Difficulty Modifiers"; the note at the bottom should read 'See Multiple Traits below'

page 92: Typo, 'Colse Combat as Opening Move'; in the middle of the text block ' ... of the weapon used. meelee Strike ...' capitalise the 'M' of 'melee'

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Deleted p37 error
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