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Hearts in Glorantha issue 7 now available for pre-order


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*PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PREORDER. You will receive the pdf immediately upon completion of the sale, but the physical magazine will be sent out within 2-3 weeks when it comes back from the printers.*

I’m hoping to have it available in time for Continuum. If you want to pick your copy up at Continuum please put “Continuum pickup” it in the “Order notes” when making your order. If it’s not available by the convention I’ll send it on when it arrives, postage is free for UK addresses.

Our 10th Anniversary Issue, featuring 48 pages of Myths, Articles, and Scenarios (13th Age Glorantha and for RuneQuest 2) in softcover A4 format, is now available to pre-order.

This issue:

  • Pavis Boxing Association A RQ3 Hero Cult by Leon Kirshtein.
  • How A Rubble Runner Destroyed the Crimson Bat at The Battle of Iceland. A short tale by Lev Lafayette and Erica Hoehn.
  • Strange Broos. A very strange RuneQuest Classic encounter with scenario seeds by Scott Crowder.
  • Boatduck’s Lunch. Stewart Stansfield details what’s on the Duck menu.
  • Snipbeak. A Duck with Lunar sympathies for RuneQuest Glorantha by Stewart Stansfield.
  • Who Gets to Speak. Ian Cooper, Line Editor for HeroQuest, talks about what makes HeroQuest so unique among role-playing games.
  • Orlanth, Heler and the Dragon. An Orlanthi Myth told by Stuart Mousir-Harrison.
  • The Beard of Lhankor Mhy. An adventure for 13th Age Glorantha by Guy Milner.
  • Heroic Tales. Two scenario seeds, each with three possibilities, by Newt Newport.
  • The Temple of the Golden Gorp. A Short Adventure for RuneQuest Classic by Newt Newport.

HIG#7 Front Cover - web.jpg

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Okay, took some new adventurers into the Temple of the Golden Gorp.  Newt wasn't kidding.  Even pumped up RQG adventurers weren't tough enough for this baby.  They fled after the second encounter and only two escaped.

We had a blast playing however.  They definitely want to give that place a second go round once they're readier.

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1 hour ago, Newt said:

Wimps :D


Hey!  I'll have you know one of those players has a noble tradition of dying with great glory.  Why in Snow Kings Bride his warrior fought off that size two bird quite valiantly.  The bird had to peck out both his eyes thus blinding him and only then did he stumble off the rock bridge to his doom.

Size 2 seems really big for a snowbird btw.


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