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Animal Stats: Vikunja, Yak ?


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Among the animals that appear in my Enki II setting as creatures introduced

into the planet's biosphere, once terraforming has begun to change the pla-

net's environment, are two species from Terra, both able to live in the kind

of environment Enki II will have in the campaign's future:

Vikunjas at the low end of the scale of creatures that need stats, and Yaks

at the high end of that scale - these two species will be the reference for all

other creatures, so I should get the stats right.

These are the stats I think could be about right:


STR 10

CON 10



POW 10

DEX 10

Move 10

Hit Points 9

Damage Bonus none

Armor 2-point fur

Attack Bite 20 % 1D3

Skills Sense 50 %

A Vikunja looks like a slender Alpaka, with a length of about 1.50 m, a height

of about 1 m and a weight of about 50 kg.

You could compare a Vikunja to a small Antelope, I think.


STR m 30, f 20

CON m 20, f 15

SIZ m 40, f 30


POW 10

DEX 10

Move 10

Hit Points m 30, f 22

Damage Bonus m + 3D6, f + 2D6

Armor 3-point fur

Attacks Horn 25 % 1D3+db

Ram 25 % 2D6+db

Trample 25 % 2D6+db

Skills Sense 50 %

A male Yak has a length of about 3 m, a height of about 2 m and a weight of

about 1,000 kg, female ones are considerably smaller.

You could compare a Yak to a Bison, I think.

(And I am looking forward to the adventure when the characters will have to

transport some grumpy Yak bulls to Enki II - Space Cowboys, Yeehaah ! >:->)

However, these stats are just a first attempt to get it right, and any advice

or help would be most welcome.

Thank You !:)

"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

(Charlie Chan)

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According to wikipedia, the vicuña is about 20% smaller than the camel. For a camel, I use SIZ 23 so I'd suggest SIZ 18 for the vicuña -- although I know that SIZ is not exactly linear, so I might be wrong here. But SIZ 8 seems definitely too little.


I would use a higher CON (~38) and a lower DEX (~7).

The rest is OK (in terms of attacks, for instance).

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Thank you very much ! :)

For the Vikunja I used its average weight, about 50 kg, to determine its

SIZ according to the SIZ table on page 296 of the BRP.

The result also surprised me somewhat, but since I will use the weight of

other creatures to determine their SIZ, too, I think I will have to stick to


As for the Yak, I will change the attributes the way you proposed it.

"Mind like parachute, function only when open."

(Charlie Chan)

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