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Mecha still on the plan?


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Yes, but unlike we announced in 2016, it will not be "next supplement to appear" and is hard to give an ETA. We have even done an initial playtest, but the result was that the rules require an almost complete refactoring from the BRP version. 

With the current schedule of already-kickstarted books to deliver, it will take some time before we can schedule a development plan. Consider that even the BRP version took three years longer to complete than initially imagined, and you have the complete picture.

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Over on TDM's forum, Loz pointed someone to BRP Mecha in response to a query whether TFM were planning Mecha for Mythras, so it looks as though Alephtar games is still the Mecha standard-bearer.

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1 hour ago, RosenMcStern said:

Hmmm, this discussion is not appropriate here. You are asking about a characteristic which is not even present in Revolution D100 :)

Well, that's a pity, because I would use that  book with Mythras. Anyway, thanks for the links to the other threads. Much to read. :)

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Anyway, my suggestion for that book would be to do it differently than BRP Mecha: Make it not a genre guide, but one specific, cool mecha background. That allows for a lot more things to build upon, such as adventures, merchandise, possibly even novels... genre guides are less sucessful for a reason, and they already exist for the genre.

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