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The 9 stars of Lorian


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The Glorious ReAscent (p47-p52) has the Dara Happan Names.

  • Star 21: Lorion's Tongue
  • Star 22: Lorian's Eye
  • Star 23: Lorion's Tail
  • Star 74: Drowns Children
  • Star 75: Scours to Rock
  • Star 76: Pulls Down Walls.
  • Star 80: Lorion's Eye
  • Star 81: Lorion's Marker (ie his outrageous part)

The first three stars were visible during the Great Darkness.  The remaining appeared gradually over the years.  Note that eight stars are given yet the Guide says there are nine - one more star has appeared but its name is unknown.

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2 hours ago, Martin said:

thanks for this...i also note in the guide illustration of Lorian there are more than 9 stars

Nine stars are visible all year. That might mean that the other two in the illustration are weaker, and may become invisible part of the year due to haze. Lorion is a constellation on the lower rim of the sky, after all.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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