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The Flying Guillotine


Yes, its that wondrous Wuxia wonder-weapon, the decapitating Flying Guillotine!


The Flying Guillotine looks like a bell-like saucer at the end of a long length of chain.


In combat the saucer is thrown in such a way that it alights on the target's head, at which point a kind of hood drops from the saucer, with opposing crescent blades at the bottom of the hood. A tug on the chain causes the blades to close, severing the victims neck.



Name          Skill        Base     Damage     Special      Parry       STR/DEX     Mal.      Enc

Flying          Flying      0%         3D6+2        *                  Yes         13/16          98-100  1.0

Guillotine    Guillotine


HP      Hand      Attk    SR        Range    Value

10        2H          ½        ½ CR    STR       Priceless


*If damage equal or exceeding the victim's Major Wound level is done the victim must must roll < CONx2%; if the roll is failed, the victim has been decapitated, and dies immediately! If the roll is successful, the victim still suffers the bleeding condition, as this weapon has opened major arteries. Note that no Damage Bonus is applied to the weapon, the blades are activated by spring mechanism, independent of the thrower's STR.


**Typically this weapon is designed for use against human sized opponents. For SIZ 15-18 opponents the damage drops to 1d6+3. Against larger opponents it does no damage, the girth of the neck is too larger for the blades to close. It might be possible to make 'larger' versions of the weapon, but then the required STR (and ENC) to wield the weapon would increase as well.


***All Damage done by this weapon is applied to the Head, if hit locations are used. It might very be possible to fashion a kind of armored collar, or gorget that would offer protection against this particular weapon.



So this iteration of this weapon is a little less lethal than the version in the classic Shaw Brother's films. It can can be parried and or dodged, as any thrown weapon. It is possible to even survive a successful attack, but even so it does horrendous damage, with a Bleeding complication. A Called attack to use the weapon is not required, as every attack is a effectively a Called Attack; hence the high required DEX. It is slow, as the chain has to be 'reeled' back in between attacks.


The manufacture of these very specialized weapons is typically a carefully guarded secret of assassin cadres and murder-cults. Only the very elite and highly-trained top tier members of such groups would  have access to such deadly tools.


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