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Steve Jackson's Pocket Box Games on Kickstarter


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Our friends at Steve Jackson Games are bringing back their Pocket Box titles from the 80's - what an awesome idea! The Kickstarter funded quickly with seven SJ games on offer (including Illuminati, Ogre, and Car Wars), and more titles coming in Stretch Goals.


That got us thinking - Chaosium produced some eclectic and interesting board games back in the day that would work well in a format like this. Which ones would you like to see a reprise of, if we could make that happen?

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I'd like to see a list, ideally with cover images.

I may be a fan of Chaosium, but that doesn't mean I have their 30/40 year-old back catalogue of minor titles memorized!

Others' Memories May Vary

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Such games were my gateway to roleplaying — Melee, Wizard, Sticks and Stones, Warpwar, Rivets, and others.  They were inexpensive, highly portable, had evocative cover art and (mostly) simple rules.  A kid could save his allowance or lawn mowing money, pick up a game or three, slip them in a folder or backpack and play with friends anywhere.

I think that’s something lost in today’s market of multi-volume full color hardback premium component gaming, even with the reintroduction of Jackson’s classics.  The games that got me playing cost about $6-7 dollars, affordable and accessible.  When I graduated to actual RPGs the Traveller boxed set was $12.  Later, Champions 3rd edition was about $25, a stretch at the time but I was able to get it.  Today a kid would have to invest $150 to play D&D 5th or $100 to play Cthulu 7th (because as owner of the rules of course he’s going to be the GM).  Even as a working adult I can’t afford those kind of prices.  I’ve read all sorts of discussions about the relative value of money but the bottom line is my teenage self could afford to become a gamer.  If I was starting out today I couldn’t do it.

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