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Switching from HQG to RQG - what’s different as a GM?

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Little explanation what I mean. Basically, I ran two sessions of HQG and the system got to me. Hand wavy in places I don’t like to wave my hands. Don’t want to dig too deep but I wanted something more “grounded”, as much as an RPG can be anyway,

So, remade some characters today as an exercise (though my group might wish to remake their own; I’ve asked what they prefer). Think I get things, and I’m reading thing now (especially the Shaman rules, Rune Magic, and Combat). What do I need to look out for as a GM of RQG? What are some pitfalls? What are the weird “break points”? Keep in mind, I’ve run quite a bit of BRP in general, but not this specific iteration.

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5 minutes ago, StanTheMan said:

What do I need to look out for as a GM of RQG?

1) Combat IS deadly.  Even against "weak" opponents - a critical hit can readily kill off a PC. Magical protection and available healing can help, but you want to be aware of that. Also useful to think about the advantage/disadvantage of 2-on-1 situations vs. stronger opponent.

2) Gauging the "right" amount of foes in a combat. Sort of a corollary of the first. There's not a set rule to get this, but thinking about the top attack skills of the NPCs in bands (e.g. 0-25, 25-50, 50-75, 75-90, 90+) vs. where the PC's are can help. 

3) Keeping the mythic/fantastic/magical in the game. It's one of the great features of Glorantha and RQG. Weird and fantastic races/creatures are part of the game. But it's not about monster-bashing. These races have their own agendas, and are best treated as the intelligent agents they are. And they, too, have Runes, Passions, gods, and magic - use them, it will make the game more interesting.

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RQG should play in the same way as BRP, as they are fairly close.

Don't shove everything down the players' throats in the first session. Introduce things slowly and steadily.

Have a lot of healing, including Healing spells, Healing salves, Healers on tap, generous use of First Aid, PCs not dying straight away and so on.

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