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Belintar's temples


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We don't have any such clear info, yet.

There is slightly contradictory info for Heortland:



Backford  (small  city):  This  fortified  city is  the  safest  crossing  of  the  cursed  Syphon River. Backford was the center of the God-King’s cult in Heortland, and was connected to the City of Wonders by a magical bridge. The magical Fish Road still stops here on its run from Deeper up the Syphon River.



Durengard  (large  city):  This  was  once  the  tribal  center  of   the  Hurlant  tribe,  and  later the capital of  the Sixth of  Heortland.  Located on the Bullflood River, Durengard  is  the  main  port  for  Heortland  and  is  its  political center. The massive fortress-palace  was built in the Nochet style by Belintar for  the rulers of  the Sixth of  Heortland after the  Volsaxi rebellion. 

The installation at Durengard possibly came after the establishment of his cult, in which case Backford with its Fish Road temple may be the winner. Certainly not Whitewall...


For Esrolia, the Pedestal seems to be the center of his cult:



Pedestal  (small  city):  This  town  is  named after Belintar’s Pedestal, a great magical pillar that  dominates  the  skyline  and  served  as  a center of the God-King’s cult.

If rainbow bridges and Fish Roads are anything to go by, Seapolis is a good candidate for the Rightarm Isles, and the landing of the God Forgot bridge just short of the Clanking Ruin island might be one, too (but Casino Town has some claim as well). The Tar Pit on Shadow Plateau might be the place to look, but needn't be the one to find the temple. Caladraland is unclear, too.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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7 hours ago, Martin said:

Anyone know the locations of each of the six temples of Belintar were (are)?

The magic roads (Guide p254) led to High Temple (Caladraland), Pedestal (Esrola), Stygyx Grotto (Shadowland), Durengard (Heortland), Seapolis (Leftarm) and in the vicinity of the Machine Ruins (God Forgot).  

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