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If Martin Helsdon did a KickStarter for Swords of Central Genertela, would you buy it?


If Martin Helsdon did a KickStarter for Swords of Central Genertela, would you buy it?  

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  1. 1. If Martin Helsdon did a KickStarter for Swords of Central Genertela, would you buy it?

    • Yes, I'd buy the PDF
    • Yes, I'd buy the print copy
    • Hell yes, I'd buy both print copy and PDF
    • No, I don't really like beautiful books of stunning images

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2 hours ago, soltakss said:

I cannot delete or close the thread, but maybe a Moderator can.

So far, you have 20 sales, out of 21 who have voted.


However, I cannot publish via a Kickstarter or any other means, without a license, and a Kickstarter would not be practical because I don't have any of the necessary infrastructure: basically it's a large document in Word, with a PDF generated by Word, with lots of art, but much of the material utilizes Chaosium intellectual properties. It is also extremely niche - with content ranging from organization, how weapons and armor are manufactured, logistics, fortifications, magic in warfare, and the nature of warfare (it pulls no punches - there's material on the nature of wounds, and just how nasty a Bronze or Iron Age battlefield was) etc. However, whilst no scenarios are included in the book, the information could be used to kick off scenarios, or provide information about potential foes. 

Whilst there's an attempt to be as canonical as possible, it isn't defining canon - so it is written as though by someone who has access to (potentially contradictory) Hero Wars texts and archaeological material. So it's not unlike reading a modern book about Classical Greek and Successor warfare... but with details that are more likely to be... accurate... and written in the present tense to 'immerse the reader into the period'.

Boxed text is colored by content: red for Lunar, yellow for Solar, orange for Orlanthi, green primarily for logistics, blue for water related, grey for general, and white on black for (the very few) real-world asides. 

A screenshot of the Contents page, and a screenshot of some of the interior pages below. This is not a professional-standard 'book'.

At present, discussions are ongoing.


interior pages.png

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1 hour ago, M Helsdon said:

This is not a professional-standard 'book'.

As someone who got the chance to see the book at Dragonmeet, to hold it in my hands and flip through it, I would disagree quite strongly.

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MOB (moderator hat):

I have closed the poll at Martin's request.

MOB (Chaosium hat):

We are discussing with Martin the best way for his work to reach a wider audience. Stayed tuned.

MOB (moderator hat):

This thread is closed for further comment.

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