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Random stuff generators?

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Hi all,

Once a lurker on the Noturnal forums, and out of KAP for a while, but now prepping to dive into GMing from year 480 of the GPC. Oh boy.

One thing I remember is lots of useful random generators for knights, potential wives, etc. I'm aware of drpendragon.com (useful, but lacks ladies) but also remember enora.dk, but the Pendragon stuff there seems to have unfortunately disappeared...

Are there any other handy generators out there I should know of? @Morien: you made some too, did you not?

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enora.dk hosted some of my stuff but alas, I am not web-savvy myself.

drpendragon.com is Thijs' site, and the knight & warlord generators there are based on generator we did together for Book of the Warlord.

I think this place allows for attachments, so let me go back to my files and start a new thread with some random wives for you to use in your campaign...

EDIT: Note that these wives are based on my own wife generator and are not fully compatible with the system in ENTOURAGE. I have been thinking about making a generator for the ENTOURAGE system, but thus far, I have not mustered the will.

EDIT2: I decided to just attach them here. The titles of the txt files should be obvious, with 'random' and 'vassal' referring to the father's class. The number row is just a number going 1 - 1000, so if you roll 1d1000, you can easily find the lady in question. See this old thread in the Nocturnal Forum for more:








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2 minutes ago, Morien said:

Hmm. I see it now. No KAP category, though. I guess it would go to Historical - Other...

That's probably because this site wasn't a KAP place until recently. I'm sure the moderators would add a KAP section if we brought it to their attention. I know Triff certainly would. 

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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