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[REVIEW] Dungeons & Dragons & Glorantha?


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Dungeons & Dragons & Glorantha?—A review of 13th Age Glorantha, the roleplaying supplement published by Chaosium, Inc. which brings the d20 System action of Pelgrane Press’ 13th Age and narrative storytelling to Greg Stafford’s Glorantha.


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Hi @pookie Thanks for taking the time to write a very thorough review of 13th Age Glorantha. I especially like how you go into the details of how the Runes a character is attuned to may not work with them in specific roleplaying situations. That section of the book that describes the various Runes and provides examples of how they are used in the context of the 13th Age Glorantha rules is very good. 

I too was surprised that pre-generated characters are not provided and examples of each of the classes, or at least a few of them, would have been very helpful for new 13th Age Glorantha players, regardless of whether they've played 13th Age Dragon Empire or not. I've been running a 13th Age campaign since 2012 and we're taking a hiatus to start a Runequest Glorantha campaign as soon as a gather additional players. We'll eventually get around to a 13th Age Glorantha campaign. 

You're right about the cost to buy-in to 13th Age Glorantha. I expected it to only required the core 13th Age book, but in order to get the most out of it the Glorantha Sourcebook is helpful. 13 True Ways and the 13th Age Bestiary I consider supplemental and not necessary unless players want to use a class from 13 True Ways or the GM wants to include beasts from the Bestiary.

Thanks again for your in-depth review. 

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