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Hit Locations


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On page 190 there are two tables for Hit Locations for humanoids.

One is for hand-to-hand attacks, while the other is for missile attacks.

The Creature Hit Location Table on P368-369 only has one table per body shape.

What have people been doing?

A) Just use one table for humanoids

B) Use both tables for humanoids and just one table for other creatures

C) Create their own missile (?) table for the other body types


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I'd just use the ones in the book, for convenience. It doesn't really matter either way - I'd be just as happy with one Hit Location chart, but it doesn't take long to include two sets of location values on a character sheet or NPC Sheet.

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If you like precision, the best idea is to find one copy of the old RQ3 Creature Book, which has melee and missile hit location tables for all sort of creatures. Having a double location table at least for the basic four-legged animals, which are encountered quite often even in realistic settings, could be a good idea for everybody. Perhaps a good article for the next issue of Uncounted Worlds? However, since this involves usage of previously published materials that is technically still copyrighted by Chaosium (ok, you cannot copyright game mechanics, but reprinting the old tables with minimal changes would not be that fair), this is exactly the sort of thing that requires an explicit permission from Chaosium.

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If you like precision, the best idea is to find one copy of the old RQ3 Creature Book...

I have it.

I'm an old RQ player, but new to BRP.

I was converting some of my RQ3 creatures to BRP and as part of that process found the lack of missile hit locations charts.

I was interested in what other people (who use hit locations) have done.

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