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Gregs Pendragon blog website down?

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It's a bit sad to see it offline. It feels like an end to an era. It's a fantastic resource, but more importantly, it was welcoming to see Greg Stafford fiddling and producing things for a game he clearly loved. Does anyone know if it will come back online?

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gspendragon.com was a personal site of Greg Stafford and maintained by him. The content now belongs to his family as did the hosting which has now lapsed. I'm sure that that you can all understand that this is still a difficult time for his family and that the fate of this website is just one of many things that needs thought and consideration. The resources are backed up so nothing has been lost. In the meantime as suggested, please use the Internet Archive to access their snapshot:


Please note that there is no timescale for the return of this site.

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