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Pendragon vs Paladin?

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Well there is this review of the differences.

Some of the major differences are in that some of the annual glory awards in KAP are one time awards in Paladin, some differences with traits and passions, and that armor degrades when damage rolls come up with a "6" - apparently because cutting right through the armor happens a lot in the literature. But it's probably over 90% the same mechanically.


Now story wise, it's Charlemagne and not Arthur, and that is probably the biggest difference between the two games, and, IMO the most important one. 




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Armor does tend to get destroyed a lot in Arthurian literature as well. Especially shields. Another big difference is max damage on the crits instead of double damage and the changes to passions is quite a bit, Love Charlemagne. There's also a change to the default starting knight. They're usually younger, I believe. Unrelated to those, there's also no chance to get a print version of Paladin currently which would be nice... ;)

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