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Paladin hard copies delivered (in Italy)!

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They exist!
I've just received my backer copies of the Paladin Handbook & the Adventure Book.
Really gorgeous, two stunning hardbacks! The gilded page edges and fabric bookmarks are two really neat details of superior production value.

Very happy of this purchase (or should I say "funding"?). Thanks Nocturnal and thanks Chaosium!







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4 hours ago, Sir Carter said:

Oh Wow!! Their really nice where did you order them from?? I really want a copy

As @albinoboo said, it's my Kickstarter reward from a some time ago: August 2017, but with estimated delivery by april 2018, so it's just a year late. Nothing strange, compared to mean production delays of this industry, and it was worth every day of waiting! 

I confirm that the PDFs (of both books) are avilable both on Drivethrurpg and on Chaosium's website:
Hopefully, Chaosium will start selling the physical books once the kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled, so everyone can feast their eyes on these beautiful products!

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On 7/23/2019 at 2:57 PM, 7dot62mm said:

I too got mine this morning. The Paladin book's production values are sky-high with gilded pages and even an integral bookmark. Very, very nicely done!



Too be honest The core rulebook is great book and holds so much information. It has so much: character generation (of course), but also information on foreign cultures, it has history of how it all came to be. It also gives an outline of the future (the rise and fall of Charlemagne). It even has some adventures in it. 

There is only one major drawback: I need to find time to play the system.

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