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  1. Was searching the D101 site for the SRD. Where would that be?
  2. Vague, I can work with vague...
  3. Butters wrote up a concise synopsis of the games arc to date on our community page. Here it is reprinted for those interested in the plot which has unfolded so far... What is he up to?Mallebench and his brother come to Norfolk looking for heretical items all of which are possibly connected with the order of Kites a religious crusading order which their ancestor belonged to.Mallebench brings in the Crows a mercenary band whilst his brother brings in the Cardinals to support him.Mallebench goes to a great deal of trouble to get himself set up in Norwich, he arranges to have Randolph Nutley (A clockwork engineer) murdered by the Crows so that he could take his place at Norton Ironworks. This gives him access to a clockwork production facilities and after impressing the owner with his skills managed to become part of the companies inner circle very quickly especially after he helped secure a major military contract and happened to discover a nearby source of cheap coal.All this seems to have been done to be able to secure men to mine and further guards/enforcers as the military contract required armed guards to be employed and as he was so trusted by the now grateful owner there was very little oversight on how resources were being used.His brother remained outside of Norwich itself and seemed to be roaming around the surrounding countryside with his gang (The Cardinals) collecting artifacts and gathering information.They were killed during the incident at Gothards hollow where they had attempted to recover a strange ruby bell from the tomb of a knight who later on appears to have been their ancestor from the Order of Kites.Meanwhile Mallebench was spreading his influence in Norwich bribing some whilst corrupting others through blackmail he even hired a local gang by the name of the name of the Tenebrous handSeemingly one of the first to fall was a man called Rimehart a man who ran an import /export company of somewhat shady reputation and ideally placed to help Mallebench gain more artifacts and blackmail material. More weak men followed including a Captain in the town garrison.Also during this time he seems to have set up a satanic temple and recruiting members of the upper classes into it this provided more funds as he soon made requests for soft loans.All this effort seemed to be in aid of gathering resources and funds for some big operation various tunnels were explored under Norwich including several under the castle (The source of the cracked wall?)It seemed he was after something in particular though as he seemed happy to sell a powerful artifact to one of the new Satanists (The cursed sword) for a huge amount of money.All this effort seems to be spent suddenly after something was found at the small hamlet of Conistan and even though his brother had died the plan was still on.Mallebench now started spending money and transferring miners from the New Norton coal mine at Wythburn to excavations now starting at Coniston.More and more resources were diverted from Norton ironworks including men, digging equipment and a variety of clockwork devices.This couldn't go on for too long though as the diverted resources started to effect the main ironworks the dwindling supply of coal being the most noticeable.The dig at Coniston uncovered a strange and terrible structure which seemed to be a vast temple complexSoon all the German miners were sent to the Coniston dig where they were all sacrificed to call forth a demon of some sort if this was the plan then due the somewhat accidental actions by the Party this failed to go off correctly resulting in the destruction of Coniston, the sending back of the demon? and the creation of the blighted area.Mallebench then seemed to go into clean up mode as the effective removal of the demon combined with the Parties return from the Pale Ladies realm not only caused a big explosion, the Blight but brought other strange changes. So after leaving the Coniston area via Keswick (This resulted in the centre of Keswick being burnt down during a flesh beast attack) he returned to Norwich and seemed to begin eliminating anyone who could identify him.The Hand were set up to be attacked by the Party after failing to recover some books that he wanted he also arranged for the murders of the Satanist group he had set up.The last of the Crows died in a cavern under a ruined church in Norwich to some sort of hell toad ? Whilst trying to return those self same books.So what's Mallebench up to his brother is dead, the demon didn't work out, he blew his cover at Norton's by using up all those resources, he hasn't managed to get his books back and seems to be destroying whatever was left of his Norwich network so what is he up to and what if anything is he still looking for? What were Ghwon and Tobias doing in that cavern and more importantly where the hell is he?Still aliveRimehart
  4. In answer to the opening post; I use Renaissance, Elric! and the BGB. Elric! I run straight out of the box for Sword & Sorcery gaming, Renaissance because I am running a Clockwork & Cthulhu campaign and BGB to create my own homebrew Top Secret, Traveller and Gamma World settings.
  5. Does River of Heaven have rules for exposure to hard radiation?
  6. I have found that some of the best "source books" is a copy of the inspiring fiction in one hand and a simple rules set in the other! So yes, I agree with your sentiment 101%.
  7. Thanks for the input. That is exactly what I am doing. Utilizing what SRD's are available and filling in the gaps from there.
  8. But I take it the rules from the BGB are not freely-reusable, right?
  9. Yes I've seen those on line docs. They will be very useful in completing what I have in mind. I want a complete, bound POD version with a mega-list of mutations and setting suggestions. So I'm going to make one...
  10. As I continue to fall down the original Gamma World rabbit hole; is there a d100 SRD document I could legally use to build a complete Gamma World inspired d100 hack off of?
  11. Some more thoughts on this old thread; Aos has a great blog called The Metal Earth has some great Gamma World inspired setting material. Currently his blog focuses on the comic book he is making, but if you dig through the archives there are cool maps, adventures, and ideas.
  12. http://vanishingtower.blogspot.com/2017/03/gamma-world-skill-list-for-brp.html A link to my blog post on a quick skill list for a Gamma World inspired game plus a useful tool for an increased mutations list.
  13. I downloaded the Rubble and Ruin character sheets and I wanted to make them form fillable. Problem, the software says it is restricted so unable to edit without a password. Could I get a copy which I would be able to edit? Once completed I would gladly post here on the site as a free download.
  14. The Dodge Skill does not have a fillable box...
  15. How to use the World Between with the Clockwork & Chivalry system, a link to my blog post on the subject.