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  1. Thank you everyone! That was a great range of advice and perspective. I especially appreciate Jeff's advice, because it was so simple and pragmatic. When the Cult Book comes out, trust the contents of the appropriate cult chapter/section to guide the PCs in-game knowledge once they become initiates. You can't get much simpler and direct than that.. But everyone gave me something good to think about, and you have my thanks.
  2. One thing that I've always wondered about is how much the people of your average Sartarite clan know about "big picture" events in world history. Please bear with me, as I'm a Gloranthan novice and I'm not digging out sourcebooks but just going from memory. And when I refer to 'Sartarite clans' I mean a relatively small community and not a big tribal kingdom (which might see far travelers or have a Lankhor Mhy sage with access to a library). Finally this doesn't really have to be about Sartar but most places in Glorantha. Sartar is just a place where I have a frame of reference. Let me give a few examples to put the question into context. "Filthy god learner," seems like a very common epithet for somebody meddling with things they shouldn't. The reaction feels like, "You're doing something weird and I don't like it. GOD LEARNER!" But do they know they were a western sorcerer kingdom? Do they know they came from Jrustela? Malkoni? Abiding Book? Sea on fire? OMG, Dormal the Sailor Man? I peruse some campaign starters for Sartar and I get the impression that some clan folk have never even seen the ocean. Many depictions of heortling communities depict them as generations of dutiful cow guards (and part time cow raiders). I'm not denigrating the setting, I just wonder if most people even understand the implied curse words they're leveling. I (the real world me) doesn't even know if the Closing is blamed on the actual God Learners, or does anyone differentiate the GL's downfall from the Syndic's Ban. Another example: The Lightbringer's Quest is a challenging but not uncommon heroquest. Do clan elders teach about Harmast Barefoot? Do they share Arkat's admonition that it should be done with respect (and therefore explain who Arkat was). This leads us to a daisy chain on whether the cautionary aspects of Arkat's legend are shared, and therefore the mention of Gbaji, Nysalor, and the World Council(s) of Friends? The Council convened in Dragon's Pass, but a looooong time ago. HeroQuest Glorantha tells us the cautionary story of Nysalor is common, although few know the whole story. I'm picturing a clan performing the Lightbringer's Quest to address a problem or strength and/or bring good fortune to community. Does the Ring or godtalker skip telling young adults about the "birds and the bees" and instead have a sit down about Arkat and Gbaji? I'm not looking for specific answers to those questions, although that could certainly be a fun discussion (so don't let me stop you). I'm trying to reconcile culture's where people devote a significant amount of time and old fashioned work to their community (cattle herding and farming) and just a relatively small part of that time in what could be considered 'adventuring.' Citing Andrew Logan Montgomery's depiction from Six Seasons in Sartar, and I think Ian Cooper did a similar portrayal. And as a side note, I do see why some lore is commonly known or conversely unheard of; for example the Lunar Empire is proselytizing and Mostali are very secretive. I love Glorantha's lore, along with all of you, but I think these thoughts when I consider introducing Glorantha to a new group of players who have no prior knowledge. You know? How and when to dole out the big picture. I often look at what the actual PCs would know. Thanks in advance, happy to be here.
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