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  1. I had originally planned on creating BRP GM Screen inserts for the Pinnacle screen (just as a fan of the system, nothing "official"), but I've just been too busy to get around to it. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I can get on that.
  2. I'm really glad things are looking up. I have to admit though, the lack of support (or interest, really) shown by Chaosium for BRP led me away from the system. I had originally planned on approaching them about licensing the system for our 3 game lines but the lack of support kept me away. So, instead we're going with Savage Worlds, True20, M&M and HERO 6th Edition. Still, maybe if we see some more support for the system, I can see about doing it later on. I'd love to see Hardboiled and War of the Dead under the BRP. >:->
  3. Here's a photo of me. I'm the one in the middle. Just imagine a camera around my neck. :thumb:
  4. My fantasy campaign with Savage Worlds just ended this past Saturday. I'm looking real hard at trying something with BRP. About the only thing stopping me is the fact that we have 3 different game lines that need playtesting and I need to be at ground zero on those. Still... I'll figure something out. BRP is too awesome to not do something with it.
  5. I'll be at GenCon all four days (well, Sunday is up for debate). We don't have a booth this year so I'll just be roaming, buying and meeting. Jason, if you happen to see a guy with a shaved head, a camera around his neck and a shirt with "Bloodshadows" on the back, that's me. I'd love to meet the man behind BRP and maybe get a picture for my Flickr page.
  6. If I can find this at GenCon, I'm definitely picking it up.
  7. I've done my part. A friend of mine who loves Call of Cthulhu and the system, in particular, had apparently turned his 16yr old son onto the game. I've got more copies of the game than I know what to do with so I gave him one. Now I need to talk to them about the wonders of BRP.....
  8. Sounds like you just got a bad copy. I just checked mine and it seems perfect. Hopefully, it's an isolated incident. I'd hate to see the game start to get bad press due to poor bindings when it's content is so amazing.
  9. It's easy enough to make one myself but I was curious if there had been any word from Chaosium on a GM's Screen becoming available in the future? I think their best bet would be to make use of one of the Universal Screens that are available (the ones where you can print your own inserts ala Savage Worlds). That way different setting books could have their own PDF screen inserts to cover their specific needs. There are a couple that I know of, the one for Savage Worlds is in landscape format and the other I've found is in standard portrait format.
  10. Huzzah! My copy arrived. Good times ahead.:thumb:
  11. I went with Priority Mail. Normally, it takes 3 days for something from Chaosium to reach me so I'm hoping to see my bright and shiny BRP tomorrow.
  12. I'm considering talking to my partner in crime about doing Hard Boiled as a BRP product as well. Regardless of whether we do an "official" version, I'll probably do a conversion just to see how BRP handles it.
  13. Okay, I just got the email. My order has SHIPPED!! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get set up my ambush for the mailman...
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