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  1. Steven, thanks for your feedback on The Heydelberg Horror. Will also be interested to hear your thoughts on The Koln Machinations. Whatever the rewards for writing and publishing these books, they are not primarily commercial success. There has to be something deeper. For example, like you, I share the love of weird history that can be frighteningly easy to read in the context of the Cthulhu Mythos. I used to scan old newspapers looking for exactly this sort of thing when I was running CoC myself. For A Clockwork of Orange, I had C. Erik Middlefort's Mad Princes of the Renaissance for in
  2. I became quite interested in Jamestown, Virginia, as the location of my last campaign (my group played by night and toured by day) and having spent more time in Williamsburg last September, I am now considering a setting just before the American Revolutionary War involving the descendants of the Jamestown adventurers. I think I rather like campaigns set on the verge of war rather than in its midst. The factional tensions are greater.
  3. Steven, frankly the fate of the third installment is in question at the moment. I will let you know more when I do. Perhaps you will let me know your opinion of the first two books. I would be interested to know. Thanks!
  4. You are welcome, certainly! If you have any questions, please let me know and I would, of course, be interested to hear more of your early 17th century campaign as it takes shape.
  5. A shameless plug, perhaps...The Heydelberg Horror offers a number of new political and religious factions for Renaissance set on the continent in the year 1610, to wit: Political The Karolinum, Prague University The Protestant Union The Habsburg Empire The Spanish Empire The Bourbons The Dutch Republic Republic of Venice Grand Duchy of Tuscany The Stuarts The Papal States The Catholic League The Rosicrucians The Jews Secret Cthulhu Cults The Society of Jesus Opus Dei Religious Catholic Lutheran
  6. I love the automata in the Kunstkammer Wien, particularly the firing mechanism on the cannon of the ship. One could well imagine (and I probably will get around to it) a building full of deadly, military automata powered by hidden gear mechanisms.
  7. The Encounter at Dumpling Island The mouth of the Nansemond River soon narrowed from two miles to 100 feet wide but a few miles upriver. A southerly flow of air brought with it a chill, but welcome billow to the sail of John Smith's shallop and they progressed, reaching by mid-day a small island in the channel where a native house had once stood but was now burned to ashes. The Powhatan made houses called Yihakan, like "gardein arbours, between two parallel rows of red cedar or black locust saplings set in the ground at one foot intervals, lashed together with fibrous roots at the top t
  8. The Pursuit The Virginia hove close to the eaves of the thickly wooded banks of the southern shoreline, a mile distant across the James River, searching for a sign of the wicked Earl and his guide. The dark palisade of tree trunks presented a forbidding, sentinel aspect to some of the Adventurers, who like most of the Londoners deposited on these shores. were not altogether comfortable with the primitive woodlands of verily this New World. The upper story of the forest, reaching nearly a hundred feet, was a mix of water-loving, evergreen loblolly pines, towering red oaks with leaves beg
  9. At the Virginia, after they boarded ship, Ratcliffe took the Adventurers aside. "I dare not speak of this before the Council, even before Smith, who is usually found as the hero of all his own tales, but you must know that Archer and Smith have it out for each other. Archer even went so far as to urge Smith's hanging for the death of his two men at the hands of the Pamunkey. Any who know them both must doubt what happened to Smith was an accident." "Another thing you must know, shortly after Archer last returned to England, a map fell into the hands of the Spanish ambassador in
  10. SUPPOSING THEM SPANYARDS John Ratcliffe led them out secretly by the back door, whilst the Council President Percy stepped out by the main door of the courtroom to speak soft words and reasonable with the crowd gathered there to await the execution of the Adventurers, him speaking rather upon the treachery and witchcraft of Bothwell among them . Silent and stealthy, Ratcliffe and the heroes stole through Jamestown's streets to an unimposing lodging close at hand against the walls and entered into the sickroom of the Captain John Smith, former President of James Towne. They ascertained n
  11. A Traitor in Our Midst There was for the space of three breaths an astonishment in the courtroom. "Smith lives?" Temperance broke the silence at last. "Aye, he does indeed," Ratcliffe continued. "Though badly injured. A bag of powder resting upon his leg somehow were touched off returning from an expedition to the Falls , gravely wounding Captain Smith. Since thy arrival, he has been ably tended by your own ship's doctor, Stewart Duncan, but we fear the Captain must return hence to England to fully recover from his injury." "Why then lie to Pocahontas that Smith was dead
  12. I would also like to see a CoC setting for the Elizabethan period, or more broadly, the Early Modern Period in general. There are other game systems that do look at this period, such as C&W's Clockwork & Cthulhu (I've written two installments for that system so far because it was closest to the Elizabethan era I could find; had fun considering the relative merits of alchemy and magic as enacted by the contemporaries Ben Jonson in The Alchemist and Shakespeare in The Tempest). The period so lends itself to Cthulhu with the triple convergence of Occult Magic, Nascent Science and Religi
  13. Tribes and Tribunals The walls of the barracks seemed too close a confine for the night, especially with hands and feet tied to prevent their escape, but the adventurers realized it was more for their own protection that the militia sergeant, Masters, had roughly and quickly jostled them to their destination. It were plain as day to Sergeant Masters that Sam Scarlett had murdered their beloved chaplain, Robert Hunt, to get his key to the storehouse, had he not been apprehended in the very act. Everyone was hungry, but it took a particularly ungodly scoundrel to murder a man of the clot
  14. A Stab in the Dark The Chaplain left for the Council to sound the alarum almost half an hour past, but there was no beating to arms in Jamestown, no marching feet en route to the storehouse. Jamestown was not a large place. Something was wrong, the remaining adventurers realized soon enough. Samuel Scarlett was missing a dagger. The design was distinctive. The blade was long, double-edged and had a vine engraved upon it, with stylized grapes of wrath. The hilt and pommel were worked in hammered bronze. The handle was wood wrapped in leather. It was made by a weaponsmith of Bli
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