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  1. Where can i download a SRD file? There is one? I know there is a PDF at DriveThru, but it is not free. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/199093/Revolution-D100?term=revolution+&test_epoch=0
  2. Nerun

    Why Legend?

    I hope Mongoose do not give up from Legend. But, since Pete and Loz are no more working on it and, i believe there are no one leading it in Mongoose anymore, there is a serious risk. I like Legend because it is MRQ I and MRQ II good revision, because it is just $1.00 PDF (i bought it), because it is OGL (so i can translate to my language and work on it for free), and because all material published for Legend is very good.
  3. Nerun

    RQ genealogy

    Smiorgan's flow chart: http://basicroleplaying.org/topic/4025-im-with-brp-any-edition/?do=findComment&comment=62421 surely continue to be the better chart for me. But yours is a very good one too.
  4. Nerun

    RQ genealogy

    I want to add CoC and all of others too. I just don't know too much about them yet.
  5. Nerun

    RQ genealogy

    Sweet! Thank you very much!
  6. Nerun

    RQ genealogy

    Thank you. Yes, OpenQuest 2 used some Legend open game content, but i don't know what exactly. Legend lead into OpenQuest 2 because it is cited in OGL's copyright notice (section 15). So i believe D101 Games used something from it. Aboute GORE. Yeah, it was shared maybe less than one year after MRQ 1 SRD! And as i have noticed, GORE is closer to MRQ 1 than to BRP. GORE deserves a new edition, but i don't think that Goblinoid Games has interest on it anymore. And with Revolution d100 probably GORE will become obsolete soon.
  7. Nerun

    RQ genealogy

    I have made a diagram of games derived from RuneQuest. Just for curiosity.
  8. Any news here? There is no BRP Hardback or Paperback yet.
  9. Worked thank you Vile. And i found d100 II too. Dude you are awesome!
  10. Legend was published in Oct/2011 and RuneQuest 6 in Jul/2012. I know that Mongoose's RuneQuest II (MRQ2) and The Design Mechanism's RuneQuest 6 (RQ6) was written by Lawrence Whitaker & Pete Nash. I noticed that some changes in Legends and RQ6 (both against MRQ2) are the same. Example: in MRQ2 Strike Rank add together SIZ, INT and DEX. But in both Legends and RQ6 it is only INT and DEX. My question is: Lawrence Whitaker & Pete Nash contributed to Legends in some way?
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