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    Have played mostly BECMI D&D and AD&D 2Ed as a teen looking at diversifying rulesets.
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  1. Truly great work!!! Thanks for this supplement to Magic World.
  2. Back checking out Chaosium, these forums and found this - really hope it's released so my investment in Magic World can be realised - amazing news. Best wishes with this -checked your other game content/works - great stuff!!
  3. Passing on condolences to Greg's wider family and to Micheal and all the Chaosium family past and present at the loss of a truly powerful creative genius. Truly sad news Greg Stafford leaves a legacy that in the last few years got re-ignited and has now resulted in a new edition of it's original flagship title Runequest. I'm glad he got to be a part of this massive refresh and revival. His Gloranthan universe has fresh life and is in solid hands. In their time of grief my heart goes out to Greg's surviving family.
  4. Exquisite naming choice. (Bit late to this information).
  5. I'm stoked at the integration with Chaosium. Glorantha theme would be epic for this forum site. The common place to keep communication lines open is great.
  6. Excellent news and thank you so much for this.
  7. Well said Rick and thanks for your clarification. I hope the Kraken sessions went well
  8. BGB and Magic World mixture as much as the 32 page limit would allow.
  9. Great news....will pledge when I can. Good luck with it.
  10. I put any mistaken assessment of the BRP product line down to being a more recent convert to the d100 rule set. I have been following it's development for several years, on again and off again, since I got back into TTRPGs. But not as closely as I should have been. So thank you for your clarification. I want it to continue to be successful even if this current course may have people concerned.
  11. Also I think we might know a little more about things after this weekend and event going on in Germany...where most of the Chaosium are gathering for session. Here's the guest list of THE KRAKEN - http://www.the-kraken.de/guests/ And statement form Chaosium management listing some of the sessions. (From their FB page.) "This weekend Chaosium's Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richard, Michael O'Brien ("MOB") and Neil Robinson will be heading to The Kraken, "the baroque gathering of international gamers" taking place at Schloss Neuhausen, a Prussian Ch√Ęteau. Other special guests include the Rune Czar h
  12. I'm not convinced that the sky is falling as it has been predicted for decades in terms of Chaosium more generally. No sales equals a need to adapt to changing conditions. It's sadly not just about "making business sense", it's about when does it become just plain fan service and a drain on resources and when does it become a marketable brand that a large core group of players and GMs will take up to drive the kind of culture based wider take up that is needed for theses titles. I want BRP/MW to succeed but sadly it hasn't in it's current form. If Chaosium is allowed to go fully under ther
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