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  1. The magnetism aspect is fascinating, but we don't need to inflict science on Glorantha overly much. For me, the apparent significance various parts of the statue is interesting to consider. www.sciencenews.org/article/ancient-sculptures-guatemala-magnetic-rocks-struck-lightning
  2. Greg Stafford - creator of Glorantha, brilliant game designer, shaman and mystic, inspiration, mentor, and friend - died yesterday. The threads of my being are torn and tattered. His bequest of creativity helps me both grieve and reknit myself after the loss. Vale! 去世!
  3. They could be Hsunchen in origin, but Kralorela has plenty of its own ancient spirit practices as well.
  4. Tianlong

    Sea of Worms?

  5. I got to play the current version at Gen Con this week, and it's a fun take on and introduction to Glorantha. Players have the role of competing khans of the five major tribes of Prax, each trying to present the most beasts captured from Dragon Pass to the high priestess of the Paps. I'll be playing it with my students!
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