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  1. Sooo - not a big social media presence. That's too bad! Forums like this are great for choir meetings, but social media is where you find the converts!
  2. Finding the right balance of narrative free-form and crunch is tough. There are times when something like Prince Valiant is fine and other times where I'd rather have something closer to Mutants & Masterminds. HeroQuest falls somewhere in the middle for me right now.
  3. I played RQ up through RQ3, so the learning curve for RQ:G isn't all that steep. As I've gotten older, though, I've gravitated towards more abstract games. When I was writing wargames I described this as "outcome based" rather than "process based" rules. HeroQuest is, in the designer's own words, about overcoming story obstacles, not the myriad tasks involved in doing so. That appeals to me, so I'm using HeroQuest rather than RuneQuest to share Glorantha with my players.
  4. One of the key lessons from the I Fought We Won battle is (to my mind) that unity defeats Chaos. Maybe instead of giving each player a specific skill raise, you could give them some sort of joint benefit when they all act together or are inspiring others to act together.
  5. Is there an official HQ or HQ:G FB Page/Group? If not, should there be? Is an official, Chaosium sponsored QuesWorlds FB page/group in the works to support the game's launch? Inquiring minds with poor FB search skills want to know.
  6. I'm just curious what kind of stories other Heroquest aficionados will be telling during the celebration of Greg Stafford's life and works. I'll be running two HQ:G games that week, one for my wife and kids which will involve their Balazaring characters accompanying Joh Mith on his trade route through Dragon Pass in 1615 and one for my online game which sees their Anmangarn clansfolk on a dangerous mission to bring their stricken chief's heir back from Whitewall. I'm looking forward to both of them and sending warm thoughts out to Greg in thanks for all the fun and inspiration he's gifted me with over the years! What are you folks up to? Feel free to be vague, as I was. I know there are players on the forum, too, with their prying little eyes and nosey little noses!
  7. Setting aside artistic and philosophical terms for a moment, if one of Chaosium's goals is to grow the Gloranthan fan base, transparency is a good thing. Those of us who love Glorantha might not understand or like the sentiment that it is a difficult setting to come to grips with, but we only need to look at comments from new players on this forum to prove it exists. Most fantasy enthusiasts have at least a passing familiarity with terms like thane and carl, so the intent behind their use is pretty transparent. That intent might not be so clear if other analogous terms were used. I think that the players who are attracted to Glorantha are intelligent and intuitive enough to understand that a Gloranthan thane is not the same as a terrestrial thane. Further information on social roles in regional guides and campaign books will further underline exactly what "thane" means within the context of the fiction. I think this approach maintains transparency much better than a migration to unfamiliar terms or, worse yet, accurate but unevocative terms. Your 2L may vary, of course.
  8. I think this thread's last couple of pages support Ian's comments admirably.
  9. That seems odd to me, too. Granted, I haven't run more than a couple HQ:G games since its release, but I ran RQ1, 2, 3 for years. Players in those games were a LOT more cautious than the players in my current HQ:G campaign. They generally look for the most heroic way to approach a problem rather than spending a lot of time trying to stack all the odds in their favor. The game has seen some truly memorable feats of derring-do and its only just now approaching its first anniversary.
  10. Agreed. If a setting becomes laden with too much canon, it ceases to be a jumping board for story-telling and becomes quicksand instead. Great stories are left untold while their tellers dig through layers of documentation to ensure that orthodoxy is maintained. At that point, the only safe course lies in stories provided by the priesthood. If those aren't provided in rapid succession, the laity quickly becomes restless.
  11. I agree completely with your comparison of the two rulesets, Lemurion, and I give a hearty "Hear him! Hear him" to your final statement:
  12. Thanks, Ian! I agree that this is an issue that doesn't merit (or benefit) from a hard-and-fast rule. There are lots of ways to approach an Ability that a player isn't getting enjoyable use from and the narrator and player should choose what works best for the situation. That sort of flexibility as both a GM and player is the main reason I love Heroquest.
  13. For a game company to grow, its fanbase must also grow. For a fanbase to grow, fans must spend more effort finding ways to welcome newcomers than in blocking them at the gate.
  14. Oddly enough, Aprewett, I just had something like this come up in my Gloranthan HQ game and it made me think of this thread! A hero had a running enmity with an NPC that they had sunk development points into to raise to a pretty respectable level (those Anmangarn really know how to get their hate on). The long-standing rivalry ended when the NPCs "friends" goaded him into ambushing the PC and then stood back and watched the fun. With her rival dead, the PC was left with an Ability that she'd sunk a lot of points into that no longer had any application. We discussed ways to address it and came up with these options: Transfer the hatred to the NPCs clan or bloodline (this didn't work in this instance, because the NPCs clan didn't like him anymore than the PC and the PC actually had good friends among them). Transfer the points invested from the obsolete ability to a similar ability. This didn't work for her because she'd sunk enough points in it that it would have been jarring to suddenly have another relationship plunge from the irritating to the level of bloodlust. Start a new Ability that can be traced back to the obsolete Ability. This is what we settled on. She came up with the idea that the experience had left her more resistant to provocation, so we started a new Ability (Thick Skinned) for her at 13 plus the points she'd invested in the hatred Ability. The end result is that one Ability that no longer has any real value in play has been replaced with another of equal value that the player is already having fun with - and fun is the name of the game! I'm sure there are different approaches that work better for other folks, but this sort of collaboration works well for me and my group. I hope you find this helpful!
  15. Hi, ColoradoCthulhu! If you don't mind me asking, what are you planning to use RQ or HQ for? Or were you just curious about the differences between them?
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