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  1. I agree. I see HQ as a toolbox. Only use the tools you need for the game you're running. If you don't need a screwdriver for the job, leave it in the box. In my campaign, we use a limited number of contest types and have linked them to specific situations so the players know what to expect. I definitely don't use all the rules available in the book - there's nothing wrong with the rules I don't use, I just don't feel they add to the specific game I'm running now. I might use some or all of them in a different game. I don't think Hero Points are a problem, per se, but the overall combination of HPs, masteries, and victory benefits can get a little top heavy at times. I'm trying out a hack that would mitigate this for less experienced HQ narrators and players (like me) in a project I'm working on.
  2. This is my approach as well, frankly. It's not easy to codify into a rule, but it's the best approach for me.
  3. I'm taking commissions for artwork at a special rate to support JC projects. I can provide both B&W and color work. Simple compositions featuring a single figure are less expensive than multi-figure compositions. I'm a character artist, so I probably can't help you with sweeping landscapes or architectural drawings. I've attached a couple of samples.
  4. I completely agree. I don't believe Glorantha needs to be stripped to the waterline to eliminate any cultural gender issues. I'm glad to see recent posts on other topics in which Jeff has firmly stated that cults like Orlanth allow full participation by women without the necessity of joining the "women's auxiliary." It's great to see the world becoming more available to all types of players. That's the direction of success for Glorantha, both artistically and commercially, IMO.
  5. I may be naïve, too, because I thought the same. Judging by my life history, though, naivete is an unlikely trait for me to claim. Desexualizing male nudity in the setting seems like a good idea, too. I guess I'm going to have to start practicing drawing the dangly bits!
  6. It always annoys me when an image of an Orlanthi man wearing woad shows him wearing a loincloth. Come on! The bad-assery of going into battle naked is going into battle NAKED! Of course, as a wannabe artist, I have to say that the men's wedding tackle is a pain to draw sometimes.
  7. I haven't complained about anything. If you read any of my comments on this forum, you'll find that I don't give a stickpicker's fie about "canon," so I don't even have a horse in this race. I shared the information I did because I thought you might not be aware of it (as you said you weren't) and that might be the source of your accusation that Quizelbashwoman was fabricating the gender-based Earth/Air rune allocation among the Orlanthi. I never stated that PCs were bound to select runes based on their gender. You put those words in my mouth (for future reference, I prefer pizza or a medium rare steak to straw). I stand by my statement, though: S:KoH clearly states that most men are drawn to Air and most women are drawn to Earth. I agree that this doesn't impact PCs, but it certainly impacts the world in which they live and operate. All of this is moot, though, because the world belongs to you once you start running a game in it. If you don't agree with something, do it differently. YGWV. Nobody should tell you that you're doing it wrong. I certainly won't.
  8. No, it's spelled out explicitly in the S:KoH chargen rules .
  9. Shawn Carpenter


    I think there's an argument to be made for bending over backwards for half your player base. Also for just being inclusive in general.
  10. A Canon Lawyer doesn't have to know the world better than their GM, they only need to know enough to whine, "But that's not what it says in The Glorantha Sourcebook!" But I think you're right, permission for the GM to run a game without a degree in Heortling Studies is also a very big deal.
  11. Heretic! Unclean! Barbarous ignorance is no excuse! Fetch the tinder! Fetch the fuel! Fetch the torches!
  12. Amen! Again, on the money, IMO. I'm hoping some folks will take advantage of Jonstown Compendium to lend Chaosium a hand with this. I've got several starting places I'd like to work on and even more I'd like to PLAY in. I'd love to see Duck Point get the full Origin Story Setting treatment.
  13. Back to the original post: I agree that most experienced game masters understand that the concept of canon in an RPG is ludicrous. The setting of any game changes upon contact with game masters and players. That said, not all players and GMs who pick up a Glorantha product are necessarily that experienced, so YGWV is a nice affirmation that they don't have to know the 10,000 myths of HUMAKT to play the game. Frankly, I think YGWV doesn't grant a GM permission to monkey with the world, it places a restriction on would be Pharisees who try to use "canon" to control the GM, other players, and the game world itself. This is on the money, IMO, and not just because it's the approach I'm taking on my JC project.
  14. Orthodoxy in Glorantha is impossible if one adheres to Greg's presentation of the world. His works on the myth are replete with contradictions, not only between faiths but within them. I don't believe this was an accident or poor world design on his part. I believe it was purposefully presented as a part of the world and its workings. I think that the parable of the God Learners exists as a warning against strict orthodoxy, both within the world and as a meta-commentary on the game and its players. You asked for game worlds that approached the detail of Glorantha and I and several others provided those examples. You can eliminate or belittle them based on your subjective tastes, but in our minds they are worthy comparisons.
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