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  1. Hi folks, for my campaign I need some matchlock and wheelock blackpowder weapons. Which supplement do you suggest?
  2. I never miked the Credit Rating skill. It seems to work, but the feel is bot right. CoC7e seems to handle it as a compromise. While this will work well in the modern settings of 1920/1890, I don't think it will translate well to a more medieval setting. Like trystero, I hope to see futher medieval-flavored development in RQ.
  3. The modern concept of money for every one is, well mordern. On the other hand I'm not the biggest fan of "realistism" just for the sake of it. I am a firm believer that a fantasy world would have different weapons and armor meta, since most classic fantasy weapons are battlefield weapons, while most adventurers seem to need personal defense weapons and tactical arms.
  4. Very brain lubing stuff to read. My next campaign will be an urban one. I'm thinking about the following. The characters have a life style that determines what they can easily get. The expensive and mechanically important stuff will be based on abstract wealth points - represented by real coinage. (Scrolls, mastercrafted armor, special retainers, big bribes etc.)
  5. Any plans for the "Spiel" in Germany this year? I would like to offer a couple of CoC sessions.
  6. Hi folks, ever since the days of AD&D it bugged me that wealth was handles clunky and madly inconsistent. It came to the point where we just got rid of wealth - which, after two years of gaming is also not satisfactory. Games like Cthulhu and Shadowrun showed a different approach and BRP seems to handle wealth similar. But what about the the field experience? How is your table spending coins? related: Anyone know a source for cheap fantasy coins?
  7. As long as you really know the system children will enjoy what you bring to the table. After playing Dungeon Slayers with a group of 9-year old girls though I think that adabtability is also key. As grown ups we might like a narrow, focused approach; children seem to try out multiple things in one session. One of my regular groups consist of players 11 to 45. It is all but impossible to find a common style of play and a system that all enjoy.
  8. This is of great interest. My 40k group had much difficulty finding a proper system. We started with Fantasy Flight Games line of 40k products, but they are cumbersome. After modding other systems we were never satisfied with the result. (FATE, IKRPG, Dungeon Slayers, even a Skirmish Tabletop called Song of Baldes and Heroes) This sound promising.
  9. I thought about this at first. CoC just renamed PP to SAN and spells are paid with it. So it works just fine. In the end it is setting dependent. In Cthulhu logic spells will cost you your mind. In Nakar, the setting we are playing in, spells will attract demons in 40k fashion. Therefor spells need different mechanics.
  10. Very good read. I like doubles because they scale elegantly with skill rank and are directly readable from the dice.
  11. Thanks, that was comprehensive and short.
  12. Hi folks, hope nobody minds me posting new topics. I am very interested in BRP and reading through all child systems takes a while. // Thanks to Baulderstone for pointing to Delta Green, was a nice read. I am not very happy with the way BRP handles crits, specials, etc. I find it rather cumbersome to determine 1/5 and 1/20. I know how Cthulhu is handling hard and extreme successes amd would like to know: Are there different methods and does the basic method just need a few sessions to feel smooth?
  13. This could be a good start for a heated argument. But I only use the term FATE DNA to get the point across. After FATE got popular new systems adopted a player ressource. You are right, that they might got the inspiration elsewhere. Since the Fate Points in the Big Golden Book are no real player ressource - and not tested. We will keep: It works just as intended.
  14. The greatest Cthulhu adventure - and one of the few written adventures I really liked. Maybe because it was supposed to be on railroads. Currently running BRP with a fair share of additives. Our next campaign will be set in a coastal city. Different factions struggle for controle as the realm is drawn into civil war. Demons claw at the world since the band separating it from the Immatyrium is weakend. (Consequence from the last campaign) The players decided to play clerical veterans, experts and specialists, but haven't as of yet decided through which angle to tackle the city. I'm hopeing to change the mood to a more grittier one, still keeping it High Fantasy, because the girls in the group want it.
  15. Seems the Fate DNA is strong in all the newer RPG. We kept the player ressource from our last system - Iron Kingdoms RPG - which was almost the same as what you describe RQ6 uses. Plot armor is one thing, I like it for letting players mechanically interact with the narrative through something other than just their character. There was once a undercity of ratlings - and the players hated it very much. There is no reason. Since then I bore my players with what to come in a campaign until they have enough.
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