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  1. I just saw there was a topic for this kind of questions. I asked there, sorry for flooding.
  2. I think this was the rule in RQ3 but yes, it’s brutal. And my players tend to dislike when I destroy their expensive equipment Thanks Joerg for this non-magical explanation !
  3. Hello all, I'm curently working on a scenario involving a lesser hydra and I can't find any explanation about how the acids work. Did I miss something? Thanks !
  4. In RQG there is a new spirit armor enchantment (wich is great imo) but the armor and life enchantments are gone. Were these enchantments only a RQ3 thing? It’s harsh for the players who sacrified a lot of pow points to get these enchantments and I don’t feel like telling them they’ve done it for nothing without understanding the readons of this change.
  5. I personnaly never liked the « hignest (or lowest) roll rule ». The lowest roll doesnt reflect the skill, and the highest roll is not intuitive So to avoid tides I always had the defender roll first and use the margin of success as a malus for the attacker. If both rolls are failed I advantage the defender : since the defender is trying to hide he won’t be standing in the open so the attacker doesnt get an automatic success. I hope this helps.
  6. I missed that you had to focus only on dodging during the round. Can you tell me the page number please?
  7. Thanks for these answers. Of course roleplay is very important but in my opinion the game system has a lot to do with the roleplay and the setting of it's universe. If a system makes a weapon (or a spell or anything else) very powerful, factions not using it will be seen as fools. So I wanted to be sure I didn't miss anything. I forgot about mounted combat and versatility, thanks. Page 201 : Dodge can be used against any weapon attack the defender is aware of (including projectile weapons)- Parry can be used against melee weapons and thrown weapons, but not against projectile we
  8. Hi all, Since the 2H weapons are faster, hit harder, have almost as many HP as shield,s and allow 1 attack and 1 full defense, and since we can now dodge arrows, why would anyone use 1H weapons? Am I missing something?
  9. When I created an adventurer to test the creation process, I wished the Rune Points cost of spells were indicated with each rune spell available to an initiate. Going back and forth to check the cost each time a player asks "what about this spell?" isn't very handy. P. 148 : I had a very hard time understanding the paragraph about taking more than twice the location's HP. It says that arms and legs can't take more than twice their possible damage in one blow but the following example is about a hit in the head. Maybe my english isn't good enough but I'm still not sure I understood it corr
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