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  1. Another piece of Glorantha lore I am not familiar with...where can I learn about Vadeli? A quick google search didn't reveal much.
  2. It is a diversion and I wouldn't be offended if the post was shuffled off to an off-topic board. On the other hand; I do love tossing around thought experiments. Jon Hunter's comment is a good one: This can be looked on as a form of illumination which argues that chaos is part of the normal functioning of the cosmos. Like nuclear power ( who do I credit for this analogy?) it is a powerful tool; just don't get any on you.
  3. Can you give some references to the 'Hidden Greens'? I'm not familiar with that. The original Chaos Set can be be infinite. The real assumption here is that the set does have an Aleph number. "aleph numbers are a sequence of numbers used to represent the cardinality (or size) of infinite sets " -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleph_number The conclusion that I have drawn from this is that when reality forms out of the chaos; then the reality that is formed is entire and complete. What follows from that is what we normally think of as 'chaos' isn't really an intrusion from the chaos set but rather a bit reality we have not discovered yet. Rephrased: Intrusions from Chaos Set should not happen and what folks normally call 'chaos' are actually part of the original Reality Set that formed out of the Chaos Set.
  4. Hope this isn't too far afield from Glorantha. It smells a bit of God Learner... Here we go... So I decided to see what the probability of two things emerging from chaos being able to interact. I start with a very large Chaos Set (CS). The CS can be anything really, nouns etc.. We then select two large Reality Sub Sets (RSS) then calculate the probability that the intersection of the RSSs is null. Assuming the RSSs are the same size and selected without replacement (taking sCS and sRSS as the size of the respective sets). The number of possible first RSS is sCS!/sRSS!/(sCS-sRSS)!, the number possible second RSS is (sCS-sRSS)!/sRSS!/(sCS-2*sRSS)!. Dividing the second count by the first gives the probability that the RSSs are disjoint. Applying Sterling's approximation and taking a Taylor series on sRSS about zero I got 1-sRSS^2/sCS for the probability of the RSSs being disjoint or sRSS^2/sCS for the probability of a non-null intersection. If the Aleph number (size) of the CS is less than or equal to the Aleph number of the RSS then there is a one-to-many or one-to-one map between CS and RSS which would destroy the presumed chaos. For chaos to continue to exist the Aleph number must be less than the Aleph number of the CS which implies sRSS^2/sCS goes to zero (ie all randomly selected RSSs are disjoint). Therefore randomly selected RSS must be whole and complete upon its creation. This does not preclude intersecting RSSs, but they require externally applied order. Our concepts of distance and time can be treated as derived properties of our RSS. Such a concepts is setup by defining relationships (an element selected from the CS). In particular our concepts of here & now are subsets of the RSS.
  5. The arrangements between husband and wife can be pretty varied in Orlanthi culture. On average; I think you are correct in that most women will leave their clan. http://glorantha.tumblr.com/post/96691133493/can-you-tell-us-about-how-people-love-one-another Wife and underhusband: The wife has more status and property than the husband. The man moves to the wife’s house, and the children belong to his clan. Esrolian husband: The same as wife and underhusband, but the children belong to the wife’s clan. This takes its name from Esrolia, which has a strongly matriarchal society.
  6. The Lunars do have an afterlife. My understanding is that they are either consigned to one of the lunar Hells or they go to the Red Moon and reside next to the Goddess with the possibility of being reborn. Even the slaves in Oraya Satrapy will be reborn with a chance for a better life if they accept their role in the hierarchy of the world. I do not know who does the judging but doesn't that keep a certain check on behavior of true Lunar believers?
  7. This is great news! The 'Guide to Glorantah' only shows up rarely on ebay ( I managed to miss this one back in June that went for 200$).
  8. This set of bronze age houses discovered in United Kingdom would fit in very well in Glorantha. Maybe Ducks? http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/07/bronze-age-inferno-preserved-extraordinary-view-life-united-kingdom-3000-years-ago
  9. I like this idea. I would like to treat the Lunar Empire as a way of relating to the world that is different from the Orlanthi and not fundamentally evil. For me, destroying a soul permanently crosses that line. Better for a soul be bound into the glowline than to be devoured in the belly of Yara Aranis. As mentioned in this thread, it readily lends itself to a HeroQuest.
  10. I'm slowing reading the HeroQuest Glorantha book and came across this: Are the souls of those sacrificed to power the Glowline destroyed? If they are not destroyed what happens? I doubt that an Orlanthi Rebel's soul would find its way to a proper Orlanthi afterlife.
  11. Thanks for all the great information. My Glorantha experience dates back to RQ2 and a bit of time playing when Avalon Hill was publishing. I'm slowly buying the current set of books and reading them. If I may say so; I was not expecting the enlightened attitude towards treating the occluded. Given the nature of infighting between clans in the Lunar Empire it seems natural that decision of who is Occluded and who is-not would be very fraught with politics.
  12. How open is the Lunar Empire about illumination? Is it common knowledge that anyone can aspire to or is it more along the lines of a secret society that only the few and select can aspire to? From the Prince of Sartar comic it seems to fall more into the category of secret knowledge. Perhaps another way to phrase the question is if a devotee of one of the Seven Mothers could become illuminated just by attending cult ceremonies or would they have to be selected by a Lunar examiner first? Is it something you are selected for, happen upon by accident or have thrust upon you? Can the Lunar examiners reliable detect the illuminated? A follow question is what do examiners do with those found to be Occluded?
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