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  1. Jim

    Did Mostal imprison a Dragon?

    Thanks Joerg, interesting thoughts
  2. I thought I had seen a reference somewhere to Mostal imprisoning a Dragon. Did I make this up in my illuminated mind or can anyone point me to the source of this? (To any of my players reading this thread - there are now strange machines made of iron and cogs despatched from Dwarf Run and heading to you now) I had originally posted this in the Runequest forum, as was pointed out I should have used this one. In my world there was a group of dwarves that attempted to emulate Mostal’s actions by imprisoning a Dream Dragon, using arcane machines and sorcery to draw off the energy of the true Dragon.
  3. Jim

    Did Mostal Imprison a Dragon?

    Good point, i’ll Move this to the correct forum.
  4. I thought I had seen a reference somewhere to Mostal imprisoning a Dragon. Did I make this up in my illuminated mind or can anyone point me to the source of this? (To any of my players reading this thread - there are now strange machines made of iron and cogs despatched from Dwarf Run and heading to you now)
  5. Jim

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    Two questions on spirit combat: 1. In the “Resolving spirit combat” section it states “Tie: A tie (where both participants succeed but achieve the same quality of result) means the situation is temporarily unresolved. If both participants rolled a critical success, the result is a tie. Both parties do spirit combat damage to the other.” Does this mean in a case of a tie (same quality of result) both parties do spirit combat damage to one another only on a critical, or in all cases of a tie? 2. In the “Attacking with weapons and spells” section an attack is resolved normally but opposed by a the spirit’s spirit combat skill. Does this mean an attacker rolls for the quality of the result based on their normal attack chance (i.e. they will get a crit, special, normal, fail, fumble) opposed by the spirit rolling for their quality of success based on their spirit combat skill? That is how I interpreted it, but if so on a tie does the spirit and/or corporeal entity take damage.? The example in the section shows a magic point reduction but not the opposed roll. Thanks Jason
  6. I’m seeking clarification that my Search (Forum) 5% skill has not found so far... Regarding a successful parry on P.198 of RQG it states “... or referring to the Hield Hit Location table (page 219). In most cases, a hit to a shield damages the arm wielding it” while P..218 in Notes on Shield Use it is stated “Any damage taken by the shield above what the shield can absorb in one blow is inflicted on the hit location originally rolled in the attack”. Unless I’m missing some context or an example I’ve not found so far, I’m not sure which to apply regarding melee. I could probably argue is both ways depending on the phase of the moon or amount of ale consumed, but what I’m after is any official clarification so far rather than starting a long discussion thread on which option is more “real”.
  7. Jim

    Under the Raging Storm

    Ooops. They track down puddings as well as hyena skin!
  8. Jim

    Under the Raging Storm

    Indeed! I guess the mitigation is: + Help from a Dessert Tracker + Protection money + Enough guards from one of the big 5 tribes, perhaps even changing through the journey + Gifting + Trading with the locals for goods they cannot get in the wastes Having such a large caravan means smaller groups of tribal raiders might avoid you, or there are irritating small raids at night that the GM can abstract in some way to avoid tedium. There could be a few big encounters that might be standoffs or outright battles, I suspect these are the scenes that would involve the PCs.
  9. On one of the Facebook groups related to Runequest someone asked for a calendar. I'm sure this wheel has been re-invented many times, but I commented I could put one here, hence the post. The attached Excel workbook uses the rune font (http://www.glorantha.com/docs/glorantha-core-rune-font/), there is also a sheet where I started adding some holy days. Hope that helps someone. Calendar.xlsx
  10. Jim

    Sea travel between Nochet and Karse

    No doubt with the The Frog Chorus method of worship as practised by their Gorrakiki worshipping friends, The Beetles. Sorry could not resist. Thanks again, Jim
  11. Jim

    Sea travel between Nochet and Karse

    I didn't see the name Frog Island in the Atlas and Guide. Then I looked hard again at the diagram you kindly put together and it looked like you added this on (possible from the Companion?). There is a Frog Island in London, I can see a messy industrial, polluting Zistor reclamation yard. Junk shipped over from places like the Clanking Ruins and other sites in God Forgot for reclamation, perhaps building some machines. Conflict with the local newtlings, possibly Triolini and the plot of the latest Spiderman film have just merged in my mind. Controlled by a Red Earth alliance minor house that has gone too far to the dark side. And I'm off...
  12. Jim

    Sea travel between Nochet and Karse

    I had thought that the Ludoch could protect ships from the unfriendly denizens of the deep and also offer to repel/distract pirates through sea fog (although humans could also get this magic), command of large sea beasts, skirmishing, etc. I assume the pirates have ways to deal with this to an extent, but I also think the Triolini are master of their own domain in the end. One other thought along the "racket" lines was protection from the non-existent hull boring worm that any ship might be "unlucky" enough to encounter, but then I thought that in our pseudo real word the Houses and sea captains would have got wise to that. So I assumed a more trade based arrangement would be realistic given the Triolini being part pf the Belintar's kingdom.
  13. Jim

    Sea travel between Nochet and Karse

    Thanks all for the thoughts and ideas. Cheers, Jim
  14. I’m looking at sea travel between Nochet and Karse. This seems longer than the 75 miles/day coastal travel mentioned in GTG, so I assume that there would be stop off points on the regularly used route between the two cities. I was thinking of one on the North Esrola coast (below Ax Hall before The Tangle) and on the island shown as part of the Bottomland Marsh (population 7k newtlings). The former would be in the land of one of the Houses, the latter perhaps a newtling or Triolini owned port with an interest from one of the Great Houses of Nochet. Lylket is a ruin, but I could imagine troll boatmen using it for nighttime piracy. In my campaign timeline it is 1618, so the Holy Country fleet has been smashed by the Wolf Priates. This would make the crossing riskier and I’d imagine a premium fee would be changed by any safe harbour between the two cities. Pirates have set up on the County of the Isles, so I see ships making a dash for it from Karse to get as near to Nochet as possible before stopping in a port or dropping anchor off the coast of North Esrolia cost. There could even be a Ludoch protection racket off the cost of North Esrolia where payment is made when ships drop anchor and are protected over night. Has anyone given this any thought and developed this?
  15. Jim

    Aldryami vs uz

    I think it is a case of each race being secure in their own strongholds where they can defend with all the resources they have at their disposal in a geography suited to them. The elves are not alone in their forests. Raiding parties have to be well prepared to venture into one another’s territories, especially Aldryami venturing underground. For instance Trolls might ready specialist magic such as Tree Chopping or fire elementals, elves would need light magic for demoralising trollkin as well as to be able to see.