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  1. Jim

    Queen Samastina

    Send me a direct message is you’d like to get some notes on Samastina and a group of adventurers visiting Cragspider, just in case it’d be of help.
  2. I think the attached better represents the description. I also needed to fix the sketch as I'd missed the Merchant's Gate. HTH
  3. After reading through the scenario a few times in detail I think that the map (or descriptions) don't seem to line up. The 'climbable road' is mentioned as being a way to access the east side of the ruins, but the map has it coming up on the south side to the west of the waterfall. This would mean clambering over the stream and the rubble around it to reach the east side. This is not really what is described (p.76). I suspect the 'climbable road' should be positioned to the east side of the waterfall, probably the road that led to the Merchant's Gate (Location A).
  4. Might be of use if you are using a virtual table top in the unlikely your drawing skills are worse than mine 🙂. Drawn as there isn't a map without the key and locations marked AFAIK. You can always tell your player that a Eumali with no fingers made a sketch for them. HTH
  5. Are you able to give any details of the Bind Wind spell? Asking for a shaman's apprentice 🙂
  6. I am looking for a more detailed description of Cliffhome than is available in the GtG. I thought I’d come across one somewhere but I’m struggling to find it again, so maybe it was the troll dream. Does anyone know of a more detailed published description?
  7. Jim

    The Sea Cave

    I’d take the OSR content over waiting a) out of curiosity and some nostalgia b) published scenarios are often changed slightly before actual play, to match the style of the table, fit in to a campaign, etc. It is the ideas and general creativity I use. For instance I ran one of the scenarios from the Pegasus Plateau two weeks ago and changed about 50%, not a criticism, it just needed to be changed to fit in. So my 2 pence is to publish, there would be nothing stopping them from being updated later.
  8. The source of the quote below is the Heroquest Glorantha book, but this is not a topic related to any system. I was wondering is anyone knew more about the quest to revive to rebel king (Bryon) from the Ice Refuge? Heroquest Glorantha P.85 "Whitewall fell, and the gods were trapped in the Underworld by evil Lunar magic. The winter would not end and the gods could not be reached, even after our heroes quested to revive the Rebel King from the Ice Refuge. They rescued King Broyan the Vingkotling as part of the unfolding Cragspider prophesy." I read into this that Bryon was trapped afte
  9. Related questions about the thinking/design behind combat changes in RQG compared to the RQ2 “engine” that RQG is built on. The below does not imply any value judgement about the changes, I was just curious about the “why” behind the design decisions. 1. When parrying with a shield using RQ2 rules, damage not absorbed by the shield goes through to the hit location rolled in the attack, as it does when parrying with a weapon. In RQG when parrying with a shield, excess damage goes through to the adjacent location (typically left arm), unlike when parrying with a weapon. Was the decision to
  10. Will you be able to provide any designer notes, outline or examples of the heroquesting rules before publication of the GM sourcebook? My own group is approaching the point of heroquesting and it would be good to understand where we are heading and even wing it a bit based on pre-release notes.
  11. Page 113 The description of True Ford and the map seem inconsistent. Should it have a bridge or a Ford? Location 1 on the map should be the building above the market square, it seems to be a residence or other building. The legend says this is the assembly hall, the description states it is the village hall. location 3 on the map should be a little lower. Location 4 on the map. The Barntar shrine is described as being within the Ernalda temple, on the map it is called out separately.
  12. Thanks both, I’m going through the Esrolia: The Land of Ten Thousand Goddesses now.
  13. Hi Tribe, Any suggestions for a sacred time heroquest suitable for an Esrolian House? Something designed to strengthen the House would be the best, where protectors and husbands, such as Babeester Gor and Orlanth, either defend Ernalda/Esrola or quest for one of the goddesses. It could be linked to an item the House already has. I’m getting my thinking cap of Lhankor Mhy on too! Cheers, Jim
  14. My google foo shows the Kheldon http://glorantha.temppeli.org/digest/gd6/1999.06/5355.html. That’ll do! Thanks again.
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