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  1. For those already using rune skills to cast rune magic how are you dealing with any skill increase? I assume this is based on casting spells or using the rune skill in another way. Do you treat it as a knowledge skill or a category on its own and do you subtract the skill from 100 and that is the chance to increase? E.g. fire rune 70% means a character has a 30% chance to increase. Maybe there is no experience gain, but any potential increase is linked to attendance at a cult holy day giving a chance to increase.
  2. Is each spell linked to only one rune? So an initiate would need skill in at least four runes to cast rune magic; magic, spirit, truth and other rune(s) for cult specific spells? If a spell is linked to multiple runes which rune skill would be used to cast it? Players choice? I think I prefer it simpler if that initiates, priests and lords use their own runes. This would mean that someone with a fire rune, because they are a Lobril worshipper, might use other fire magic in the course of a scenario (perhaps a fire related magic item), but trying to use e.g. darkness magic, would be impossible. Apologies if I have misunderstood your meaning.
  3. So the approach I have decided to use for now is that rune spells are cast using only the worshippers god's runes. They pick the most appropriate, using a default. Thus a Humakti would use her death rune skill as the default (even for a heal limb!), but her truth rune skill for detect truth. In a similar way Orlanth's worshippers would use the storm rune for most, but movement for teleport.
  4. I put together the attached for rune magic based on the new RQ character sheet sketch. This is intended to change how rune magic is handled for RQ2 while waiting for the new RQ. Players can write down the list of cult spells they use and a runic association of that spell, along with their skills in the specific runes. What I may have missed in this thread is if all cult spells are all associated with one rune, or at least one of the cult runes. I suspect this may be the case but not sure. For instance if heal limb is common divine magic would a Humakti use her death rune skill to cast, truth rune skill or would they have to have some skill in fertility? That might explain why Humakt worshippers do not cast divine healing magic (or at least badly), or it may be a rules mechanic that Humakti always cast cult magic with their death rune skill. Trying to get up to speed quickly before running a game on Saturday for the first time in quite a few years! Hence apologies if I missed an earlier clarification. I'd rather use the newer approach if I can, never liked initiates have one-use rune spells for the reasons stated in the pod cast. rune_magic_sheet.pdf