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    As a kid and teenager I played alot if Dungeons and Dragons into the 90's. Then In the miss to late 90's I stopped playing, but I had asked a cousin of mine who was going to MIT if he ever played Someone and Dragons anymore and he told me he was playing a game called Nephilim and told me a bit about it and I found if very curious so I bought the core rule book and over the best few years bought all of the rest of the books but could never find anyone to play and could find no information on it as it was over a decade old by then. I was quite fascinated by the natural though and read all the books and really liked the concept.
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    Flash forward until 2017, Dungeons and Dragons kind of feel back into my life in an unexpected and very welcome way as it was a great social outlet and set my imagination soaring, but I also wanted to incorporate mythological concepts and experimental ideas as well as terrain crafting and design, and wanted to Branch out and learn about other RPG's and only last well recommended my copy of Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, and I am floored. It appears to be exactly what I have been searching for. Something more deeply archetypal and Mythological so I can really take things to Epic proportions. I am only just beginning and am so grateful to Chaosium, because even though I haven't even played any of the games yet, I find although I grew up with Dungeons and Dragons, Chaosium is what I have been searching for all these years that came really take things to the next level (assuming I might find people to play.)
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    Na Koja Abad
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    I am a student of world religions, Mythology, history, dabble in languages, family man, artist, musician, and really like to learn about anything and everything I can.

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  1. I know in another post the moderators confirmed that they were having trouble getting Runequest up on Roll20, something about the Roll20 staff being really busy and haven't been able to do it yet, or something along those lines. What I'm wondering is with the starter set coming out is there any plans to get it up on Roll20? It would certainly help boost it's promotion and sale. Just wondering, thank you. The Starter Set looks beautiful.
  2. Apologies for never responding to anybody's comments. I wasn't expecting this post to explode like it did, and I am grateful, there was just so much to respond to I told myself I would, "Get to it later" and didn't, until now. I am not going to respond to all the comments but I do want to say that there is a ton of thought provoking stuff for me to work through and I will try to address some individual comments sometime. What I am really excited to announce, is that I have finally got a gaming group together to play my Chaosium games (starting off with Runequest.) The thing is, I have been wan
  3. I'm not looking to buy them, but I would like to see the covers and the years released. Kind of a retrospective catalog. I know it's perhaps superfluous, but I am just curious of the history.
  4. To whom it may concern, I was just searching around the Chaosium website, looking for old, out of print Chaosium games. I know there are several titles like Ringworld, Elfquest, Stormbringer. I just wish there was some kind of record on there, for posterity, and for my undying curiosity. Anyway, just a recommendation. Thank you Chaosium, I love what you do, Zulfikar Zaban
  5. Hello friends, I am just curious, Call of Cthulhu has packages on Roll20, will Runequest be doing any of their modules on Roll20?
  6. Hello friends, I have a 2 questions (I still have yet to play Runequest, and I am just learning.): 1) Is Heroquest a game you can play within a Runequest campaign, or does it have to be played as a separate game? 2) If Runequest is a very deadly game, and the characters take hours to role-up, do you tend to go through a lot of characters and have to make new ones often, or do they not die often, because you often avoid conflict because it's more dangerous? Thank You, Zulfikar Zaban
  7. I really love these videos, and would love to see more sometime if you guys are up for it. Just like to learn more about the world of Glorantha, or perhaps some more live play games.
  8. Why is the Gloranthan Sourcebook not available to "Add to Cart"?
  9. I find the concepts of "Nephilim: Occult Roleplaying" very intriguing, beyond just being a game. The Nephilim game ties many elements together, and it can be allot to juggle, but it is a game that expands. You can read of Ahkenaten and Zoroaster and the other historical figures (and a-historical) in the game supplements, it you can go to the library and learn about those figures and cultures in depth. I think to really "get" the game, it helps to not just read the supplements to the game itself, but the books it references. Off into the ever weaving paths of the great occulted library labrynth
  10. I have never actually played any Chaosium games. Years ago my cousin told me about the Nephilim game and I was very Intrigued by the concept, so eventually I collected them all and read them all, but could never get anyone to play, at all. I've also heard about Call of Cthulhu a bunch over the years, but have yet to play it. I'm hoping to but the starter set soon. I also bought Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, but don't think I'll probably be able to play that for a while, although I am really excited to delve into that world. Pendragon is another one I am very curious about, as I am very
  11. I think this is the main and most common complaint I have read about the game, and I agree. I think I would want to change it a little bit, make it more like a symbiotic relationship with the human and the Nephilim that is incarnating it or something. Like the human at the different incarnation periods is having a sort of Awakening to their new powers, not just a complete body take over like flesh puppets.
  12. Unfortunately no. I know that it's still popular there. Wish I could get a translated version. Maybe I need to try to learn.
  13. I was late to the game on this one and the few remarks I can find about it are like, "and then, you all know what happened..." I suspect it was something like Chaosium had high hopes set on it and they released it and it was crickets, because the only person who I ever meet who played it was my cousin when he was going to MIT. Other than that, it's crickets. I'm hoping to play in the future, maybe change some things, or add elements of Mythras/Mythic into it. I really like the idea of characters playing in different times and going through a transformation. Just curious where I can find more i
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