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  1. I started with RQ2 while in the Army after playing way too much D&D & Traveller in high school. Some years later I got the RQ3 advanced box used (cheap) and it was ok but not quite the same. Some time after that, Mood Design's edition of Pavis & Big Rubble came out. I scrounged in the stacks for my copy of RQ2 and stuck to that. Recently I bought the Classic hardcover and gave the old copy of RQ2 to my son to see if it catches his interest (he too, plays & gm's D&D and Traveller )
  2. Selling lunar citizens to the Morokanth?
  3. Why? Has a lot to do with his personality. He wants to know why things are the way they are so you have to learn at least a little of the basic mythology to get the idea that it's a sort of bronze age where the bones of the gods can be mined directly from the earth rather than mined as copper and tin and alloyed together. Iron is an insanely rare something else entirely. It helps him to understand that even more than DND this is not just our world with spells tacked on top. Physics doesn't necessarily work as expected because there is magic at every level of this world from a bladesharp +1 that nearly every warrior can learn to being on the Light Bringer's Quest to other Hero Quests way beyond that. So he now has my old RQ2 book, a copy of the new Quick Start & the Sartar Primer I was pointed at upthread. That should be more than enough for that. I'm going to use Apple Lane to start though rather than inflict Gringles as such I think they'll be woken by the hue & cry when the battle comes down and let him join as appropriate for a villager and then later have him follow up in the rainbow mounds.
  4. That makes it a bit more difficult. OTOH, there's a good image of Gimpy's in the Prince of Sartar Webcomic and with a memory or three of "iffy" nights when I was in the Army in Germany (Hint: The bar's nickname was Stab&Grab), I can probably come up with something comparable.
  5. Yes, he is. Bright and a good sense of humor. He's good at gaming as a result.
  6. Yeah, I was rereading BB & wondering about that. I do have very fond memories of Pavis overall so I expect to run stuff there eventually. I'll look for that Rumble. Rainbow Mounds is a good thought. I always only think of Gringle's & the weird mess it is but the rest is pretty good. Thanks!
  7. In the case of my son, he's ended up running both Traveller & DND5 before too long. In his case, I'll get him up and running in Sartar with that Primer & I'll point him at that neat web comic Prince of Sartar - I read the whole thing last night and love the art style. Maybe before long he'll understand why dear old dad wants a Neil Burridge Ewart Park sword reproduction!
  8. Thanks everyone! I didn't see the Primer before - that's a great resource and I'll get him a copy of that for certain. I had forgotten the goodies hiding in Cults of Prax. I got used to the later Gods of Glorantha which is pretty much just a listing of all of them and nowhere near the color text. It is also a good point about Rurik too - since posting this earlier I was looking for something in the CE book and came across The Battle at the Troll Bridge ending in his shouting out his (pretty high) ransom amount It does give a better understanding of things than I'd remembered doesn't it? Thanks again, it's good to be back into something a wee bit more than D&D again. 5th Edition really isn't bad for what it is, but it'll never match RQ for anything.
  9. First post here, yada yada. I've been playing RuneQuest since a fellow GI pulled out a copy of RQ2 & Apple Lane in 1983. Been following it mostly since though I dropped away for various reasons that aren't really relevant during the HQ/HW era. Recently I found the new Classic Edition and the Quick Start for the new versions. So I dug out what had survived the decades on my bookshelves (still can't find my paperback of Moon Design's Pavis&Big Rubble. I must have sold it in a fit of idiocy. At least there are PDFs available) and am reading King Of Sartar. Ok, that's fine for me. I've been a philosophy student my whole life and have been known to pick up a volume of Ludwig Wittgenstein as light reading. OTOH, there is my 15 year old son who plays D&D5 and Mongoose Traveller and is now curious about RQ. It was really quite simple to get him into those games. The systems are not that difficult (accepting that the D&D abstractions are silly, they aren't hard to play) and even The Third Imperium setting of Traveller with 40 years of backstory isn't that hard to get into because in the end it's modern USA/Britain with noble titles and no FLT communications. But Glorantha! Do I do the old classic thing and dump him into Apple Lane or New Pavis and just expect him to absorb it on the fly? He'll learn fast enough that combat in RQ is more like Traveller (fast & deadly to everyone) than D&D (only deadly for mooks) but the basic cults and everything else just really is only hinted at in the RQ book. The biggest problem we have is that, at least at present, there is only the two of us. If I had a couple of more players, I'd be sore tempted to use Stephan Marsh's "Regular Folks" campaign that I've wanted to run since I printed it out years and years ago. I'm leaning towards running a couple of one shots with him - Balastor's Barracks & then, especially if we can find one or two others, The Broken Tower. After that, Pavis seems good for a solo adventurer (I could dig out my Orlanth/Eurmal worshiping thief who only screws with Lunars as a NPC/Ally I suppose) In the end, is there anything I can hand him and say "Read This" and give him a better grounding than my old copy of RQ2 & a print out of the Quick Start? Thanks for any thoughts or ideas.
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