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  1. It does not seem very realistic that a 21 years old adventurer has starting skill levels of 80, 90 or 100% - or even more! If the proficiency in a skill is measured between 0 and 100, how is it possible that any 21 year old warrior has achieved technical perfection in the handling of a weapon, for example? I think the system is not well balanced, and maybe it would be necessary to re-establish the RQ3-limit of 75% + modifier.
  2. Thats very, very true. Therefore, we can conclude that Chaosium has (wisely) chosen a Lunar-flavor theological approach...🌓
  3. Yes, precisely because I have seen several gods of chaos on the list I have asked the question. And I asked, too, because in the book list that Jason Durall announced in The Kraken 2018 was included, according to The Runebloger, one with the provisional title of Gods of Chaos, along with God of Glorantha.
  4. So, will there be a specific book for Chaotic Gods -something like a update of CULTS OF TERROR-, or all the information about them will be included exclusively in GODS OF GLORANTHA?
  5. I see in the list some chaos gods. Was not a specific volume planned for them?
  6. Is it confirmed that there will be an leathered-slipcase edition, too? Simultaneously?
  7. Not trying to seem confrontational, but disquiet...
  8. Will these all "clarifications" be included in the second printing, or the core combat rules of the game will depend on a thread of a forum?
  9. So, the core system means a lot of ties.
  10. And at the same moment could we order separatelly the Bestiary and GM Pack? What about leathered edition?
  11. I am very confused. Exactly, how works the RQG system, as writen in the Core Book? P. 142 "If both participants succeed, the winer is whoever achieved the best result". But, p. 143 "Tie: (where both participants achieve the same type of success but roll the same number)". What these means? And p. 230. Vasana rolls 74 in Air Rune (90%) vs. 41 in Harmony Rune (50%), so "Air overcomes Harmony". Why? Isn't it contradictory with the rule in p.142? Which is exactly the "vanilla system" when a tie is not an option?
  12. I ordered on 20th (Spain) and still awaiting shipment... Can we expect for shipping on nearby dates or are we supposed to wait for weeks?
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