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  1. My deepest condolences to Greg's family and close friends. The great man will live on through his work and the people playing in his worlds.
  2. My understanding is that it is designed to create ties in this particular situation. I wouldn't consider it a correction per se. Maybe a clarification.
  3. For this one we're keeping the d100 spirit but with rules tailored to the Nephilim world. Occult investigations, a revised magic paths system, no individual skills but past lives "packages" used to solve problems. Also we're testing a "roundless" combat system based on post-it notes. All this is still in early "beta" state. And seeing how the world has changed in the last few years, we have a system to deal with the problem of surveillance and security that require the Nephilim to either find places away from prying eyes to act or deal with Secret Societies' plots to find and expose them.
  4. flamidey


    As the translator in question, I find amazing that this anecdote has been kept intact in some memories other than mine or Greg's
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