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    Been playing RPG's since the late eighties/early nineties. In our group, I am most often the GM. I have played many different games over the years, but Call of Cthulhu has been a mainstay through all that time. Other games of note that I have played but no longer do, is Warhammer, World of Darkness and Over the Edge.
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    Nowadays, I mostly play D&D fifth edition, with CoC as the most common sidetrack. I also experiment with more storytelling oriented games sometimes, such as Uncharted Worlds for example.
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    Oslo, Norway
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    A teacher, a drummer and an avid rpg-enthusiast.

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  1. Actually, I should apologize for the wording in my previous post. I never should have used the words "ugly" and "cheap". They are unnecesseraly derogative, and actually do not reflect my view of the artwork.
  2. I might have been a bit too harsh in my wording. The final one works ok. It's just not great. Anyway, I really think it would look better with just a solid fill color and a darker outline, like the CoC logo. If the plan is to go with clean and functional, that's a style that would sell that idea a lot better. But I'm not a designer, so I might be wrong.
  3. The RQ- lettering looks really bad. The font is ugly and the gradient coloring makes it look cheap and homemade. The two that Mankham mentions above is by far the best ones, in my opionion, though I like the first one, the one that wasn't used, the best. It's fantastic actually. The only things that doesn't work well on that one are the runes and the subtitle, but that could have been solved.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Mike! I'm aware of that sheet. What I wanted was one that had the skills listing (and, less importantly, the design) from the modern period. This one is adapted to the 30's setting. I really apreciate you taking the time to reply, though.
  5. I'm starting a modern day campaign planning to use the pulp rules for a more action oriented game. Using the standard modern character sheet really isn't a big problem, as the differences are not that great, but it would be neat to have a sheet that lists the pulp rules in the summary, has space for archetype etc. This would be nice for all the periods listed in "Through the ages", actually, though right now, for my part, it's the modern one I need. Does anyone know if someone has made something like this or if we could expect to see official ones from Chaosium?
  6. This character was cut out of the movie "The Crow" from 1994. I think this picture would make a pretty cool handout for DDT. I'm including both the original image and one I have edited to make it seem more like a period photo.
  7. Wow! Activity on this thread suddenly exploded. Lots of great suggestions here. Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks! Great list Wish there was more official information about future releases from the company. I'm wondering whether or not to by the old version .pdf of the MM. Knowing if it's due this year, the next year or in five years would help a bit with my decicion making process here. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  9. Is there a digital version of the Old West map from the book available somewhere?
  10. I've seen it confirmed on some thread on the Yog-sothoth-forums that it is planned. And is there some form of publishing schedule or overview of what Chaosium products are in the works, estimated publishing dates and the like somewhere? Thanks, Martin
  11. DDT is still quite new. Most likely more people will be joining in after a while. I agree with you on the non-supernatural encounters, otherwise there's not much point in running a western campaign, really. Also, there's a lot of dark stuff in western movies that can be used to create a dark atmosphere without using supernatural elements. Obviously, there are a lot of crazy murderers walking around , but also things like sinister preachers/religious communities for example, and just the loneliness of the huge landscapes.
  12. Working on my first DDT-scenario now. I'd be interested in such a subgroup. What I'm working on now is a simple story set in Nevada, using the fake native american legend of the Si-teh-kah giants. Going to use Pulp Cthulhu as well, to give this an action oriented spin.
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