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  1. This is sad. I never knew Greg, and I had been away from Runequest and Glorantha for many years, but had recently returned - and am enjoying, immensely, immersing myself in the world and the game which he began. My condolences to his family and friends... And to the gaming world, which has lost one of its greatest ever.
  2. Spotted whilst skimming through... Page 219, column 1, 'Mounted Combat' - "Unless the riding animal is a trained for combat, it will not fight." That probably ought to read " Unless the riding animal is trained for combat, it will not fight."
  3. I got mine early this morning. Once I got my chores done, I set in to skim through it and begin reading. It's beautiful, and so big, and so full of 'stuff'. My only grumble - the maps are very low-resolution, so that they pixelate badly when you try to zoom in to read the smaller names - much more so than the Argan Argar Atlas.
  4. Hello! I’m new here, which is why I’m posting in this thread. I’m A long-time roleplayer - been playing since the late ‘70s, starting with original D&D, and moving on through a lot of classic games. Have always preferred fantasy to sci-fi - it’s hard, as a physicist, to ‘suspend disbelief’ in most sfrpgs, and it’s really hard not to spend one’s time analysing just how ‘it’ (whatever ‘it’ is) might work in the real world; worse still if your group contains more than one physicist (which t did for a long time). Traveller (LBB era) was a notable exception. I/we last played RuneQuest (3) in (I think) the late 1980s. It’s good to see it ‘back’ with Chaosium and linked once more with Glorantha - a setting I’ve long admired, but have never really ‘got to grips with’... Starting to rectify that - I’ve just read the Glorantha Sourcebook - though I have to confess that some of the extensive history made me glaze over a bit... I’ll return to read some of the more obscure bits when (if?) I need them for a game.
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