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    First played RQ2/3 about 7 years ago. I am now running my own campaign in RQG since it was released. I also hold one-shot senarios as part of a student association at my university.
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    Currently studying and love to play som RPGs on the weekends.

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  1. Remember YGMV, just because it's in the rule book does not mean you need to use it. Your characters tribe might be strongly against slavery, hell, why not make a senario out of freeing slaves from a "less civilized" tribe. But as you say, slaves in one form or another has existed for most of human history and and ignoring that completely in the rules would, at least to me, be dishonest to the setting. In my game, slaves exist but are never in the forefront, and if a player or NPC is captured and the tribe fails to provide a ransom that character might very well end up in slavery.
  2. I think these two paragraphs helps a lot when trying to understand SRs. With that (and the rules for fleeing) I would say #3, usually the opening that Ella is looking for presents itself on SR6 but in this case David turns to flee at SR3 and Ella, already looking for an opportunity to strike, makes the attack emmidiately.
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