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  1. Been a while since the last one. I found the lack of imagery on Gagarth to be lacking. Maybe he has not got a lead breastplate and maybe his skull is an actual skull and not a helmet, but hey.
  2. the uralda conspiracy is real and the orlanthi are but unwitting pawns to the cows
  3. Having read both "the battle of Nochet"in Esrolia land of lotsa godesses and IFWW in Book of heortling mythology I still dont quite see how The only old one gathers the unity army. The battle of Nochet story don't really mention any details on gathering the various races and the Heort version has Heort gathering them. EDIT: might have All the PC taking the role of Heort. give some bullshit hippy explanation about "oh you three are spiritual brothers, here you can be as one" but it also kinda fits with I FOUGHT, WE WON.
  4. thanks. I'll check em out Alas, timezones force to choose between sleep and game and as a perpetually underslept workshorse I must choose sleep.
  5. I am interested but is only availible sunday
  6. very illuminating. Thanks. I specially liked that boldening words techniqe. And yes, I plan to buy that book as soon as I am off work. I think I'll introduce a Donandar Runepriest NpC who can initiate a PC and help them start the heroquest but be too old to help them actually battle.
  7. wellp. thats what happens when you have a "skip to last page" button next to the "next page" button while phoneposting. I'll hide in shame now
  8. I might have some art lying around if you like character portraits at a 45 degree angle
  9. I was thinking of a quest after the battle to unite them all as one people but you are selling me on this unity battle quest as a way of dealing with the company. which book can I read more about this? and how fo I invovle all the PCs in the quest?
  10. I may be running the game wrong or my players have been obscenely lucky cus they keep cutting down all their enemies in short order and have seemingly never been in much danger
  11. My players are currently going through the lost valley storyline and it looks like they are going to be trying to unite all the various groups in the area to fight the mercenaries. And knowing those clever buggers they will want to unite them all in peace afterwards too. Now this is an ideal point to have them do the heroquest "The making of the storm tribe" I think. But there are some issues that bother me and I hope you can assist me in finding a mythologically sound way of solving this. First, we have a trickster(possibly going to multi into donandar), an elmalite and a Lhan
  12. sorry, i didnt read the entire thread before posting
  13. so how would one go about rezzing someone like Kallyr who seems unreachable?
  14. it just strikes me as odd how illuminates seldom are better people than occludes
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