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  1. I think I heard somewhere that the head of a stead would be a thane?
  2. Friends of old, friends of new and those of you I never knew. My art is to carve simple wood into beautiful shapes, as for making simple words beautiful I shall make an attempt but know now that I shall be accurate and true above all else. It was in the time when men were taming Dragon Pass, before the coming of Sartar first-king, that a clan had settled on the edge of the lands that now belong to the Balmyr tribe. I know not the name of this clan for they later split and merged in seperate ways, but that is not important now. This clan had a peculiar tradition, set by their he
  3. which mobgoose book would that be?
  4. Taming of Dragon Pass boardgame when?
  5. BRB worshiping the Valind pantheon now
  6. If you listen carefully to the lyrics in the avantasia song 'moonglow' you definetively get a lunar feeling https://youtu.be/Mk0FTHqmO9o?list=OLAK5uy_kPwjxBpZnTzij4-M6cyEACfzVD1dc5wKA
  7. "B-b-b-baby, you just a-a-a-ain't seen n-n-n-nothing yet!" -Eurmal-
  8. I am so friggim curious about the white moon
  9. dragonewts ride bipedal birds so ducks should ride bipedal reptiles
  10. chariot pulled by herd men. or riding a donkey
  11. Well, Heortal from the "cattle raid" adventure have accompanied the PC's as a pathfinder and carrier for a few adventures and now become the backboy(squire) and servant of the thane of apple lane. He's the one-boy fanclub of the PC's, who gifted him a sword after the battle for apple lane. His mum is rather upset with them, as a PC feud got him nearly killed but she also got hired as a house servant by the thane and she cant keep Heortal from becoming a warrior forever...
  12. Was it on your podcast that I heard that it is uncommon to bring shields on cattle raids unless your intention is to actually kill people?
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