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  1. Don't think koppi rites extend to gametokens not distributed for profit, but I am not a lawyer.
  2. I also made some tokens, but for PC's and NPC's.
  3. Didn't he do that? or did he just kill the gods? as far as I understood it, after he did his heroquest thing the world turned mundane, without gods and magic
  4. how does this work if Argrath has severed the divine realm from the mortal?
  5. Yeah this is pretty much what I do too. I am just flippant and full of "cruel GM" energy in my replies, I must admit. Will report back on how my players did, but it seems we wont get to play til next weekend
  6. no. ok,yeah a little. the characters are supposed to know a little og their world after all
  7. what was unsuccessful?
  8. aside from one of them playing Kodp my players dont know glorantha well. so, gonna be kinda fun to see what they improvise...
  9. well, after going to work I came to wondering if the arkati is a physical dude just sitting on the island in the mortal world or if he is in the hero or godplane? Cant access the pdf at work so its not so much a question about something being unclear but me being curious and impatient. seem to recall it mentioned that an improvised humakt ritual could summon him but im not sure if I read that or imagined it...
  10. bought and read it today. Pretty good. I like your writing style.
  11. what is the sourcebook version?
  12. Tooting my own horn here, but there is a new picture up with a Babeester-Gor chariot of anyone is interested
  13. I am going to be sending my players through that scenario soon (tomorrow if all goes well) and what I expect to happen is that they will unite all the factions of the valley to fight the invaders (but with PCs you never know). From what I have read so far though, the sorcerer will run out of magic before he can handle all the Manticore company on his own.
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