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  1. come to think of it, the dragonrise is so near in time that if the local lunars fled there is no reason as to why their manors should be in ruins. unless sartarites ruined them, of course.... but a more "resident evil" style ruin mighr be more fun...
  2. are the vendref even allowed to carry weapons? allowing the vendref and riders to worship there could be a diplomatic solution. tje feathered horsequeen is an earth priestess after all
  3. short answer: renamed to "the smoked reclamation project" more serious response to follow after work edit: why would I do my job? Ok so. How large is the PC clan? if it is a small clan they could claim the entire smoking ruin and set it up as one giant fortified compound. the blessing from ernalda would quickly make the local land highly farmable, so your clan can plow and eat. Leika will probably sponsor you with all kinds of grain and cattle if you gave her the mirror. As you say, the horsespawn will naturally come andndemand supplication. will it be war or diplomacy...?
  4. next time I'll run him as "I just wanted my goddamn sheep back and now I am ghengis-stormjesus and I am just really tired you guys"
  5. I am gonna play with running Argrath differently in each campaign I GM. For my current, Argrath worships one thing above all else: Argrath.
  6. Y'all know I am open to suggestions? Otherwise you get more silly things like this
  7. nothing wrong with being a grognard. young people have dorky haircuts and wrong opinions.
  8. what if you incapacitate it and sacrifice it to Ernalda?
  9. There are two replicas of 11th century welsh shoes somewhere in a swedish bog. One is about half a meter deep in the ground where my leg got sucked in and the other is somewhere in the nearby woods where I threw it in anger.
  10. I run it kinda like the town in "Darkest Dungeon". It's like a hub where the players can upgrade buildings to improve the services. invest in repairing the blacksmith and find someone to operate it and they can get better equipment and have an easier time selling their looted arms and armour.
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