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  1. I checked out the episode today. Was very good. I have a newfound appreciation for Jeff's perspective.
  2. As a new student I dont have much time to post these days. but in a brief moment of respite I went on a "read glorantha lore" bender and it made me want to doodle down some ideas Also started on a crossbowman but I lost the feeling
  3. hah yes I know where the idea comes from. where can I read these?
  4. Am I insane or is there a story about Eurmal turning blood into wine which babeester Gor got drunk on and then they banged? I have some feverdream about having read a story like that...
  5. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! My next project is thus: I am going to sew a rider honour belt! But I need help! I am usure as to what these dognles are, how they are used and thus, how I should pattern them. If anyone got any good ideas or knowledge please share. Second, I need a bunch of scythian GOLD! so send me gold! Or help me out figuring some smart solutions. So far I am just grabbing every decorative piece of metal I can and I will spray paint them gold, I'll take any ideas y'all can spare here. Specially if you know anything about how I could easily make images or emboss metal plates bought at the hardware store. Or if you know of any cheap metal stuff that looks fitting that I could buy online.
  6. My new gym shirt. Lift for Elmal, bros...
  7. I just dont have the temperament for it, I think. never got it done when I tried.
  8. Bill got it right. I just like drawing runequest stuff. I wish I could draw comics but I can't. So naturally upload them to my pinterest but uploading them here gets me that sweet sweet validation!
  9. Statue of Dozir, from the Korolstead adventure book
  10. what happens? they achieve a sort of illuminated state known as being "groovy"
  11. radical idea: dodging can make you move in a direction. either randomly or dependent on hit location or somesuch.
  12. wasnt there a battle irl where some army caught another army in a seamp and could have rained arrows at them risk free but the general refused such a dishonorable tactic? and once the enemy army came out of the swamp they crushed the honorable army
  13. I thought you couldnt cast spells while engaged with an opponent. or did I imagine that?
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