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  1. you usally only do it when you are really desperate. How worship maran gor, i suppose.
  2. Don't generally all orlanthi gods accept it except Chalana Arroy?
  3. Come to think of it, do we have any detailed, "canon" source as to the BG and Eurmal connection? I can only recall second hand sources.
  4. a sound elemental is experienced as the sound of a guy screaming and rolling past you in a shopping cart
  5. I cast "summon @Bill the barbarian"
  6. Revenge? I dont think we have reason to believe they didnt part amicably
  7. Well, my group has trickster with an honour passion.
  8. It will come. For now, I was pondering how a Sartarite sun domer might appear different than the northern and eastern dome-heads. Edit: herp...forgot to add >uneccesary shield boss
  9. Some Eurmali say the illusion rune was the first rune. Meditate on that
  10. *wry baby-making smile* I'm sure you can figure SOMETHING out...
  11. I think you might be on to something here... It makes me think of how Arkati guard certain spots in heroquests. I seem to recall having read something about putting pieces of yourself in the godrealm for ease of access later or somesuch. But I only got half remembered maybes...
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