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  1. if enough people volunteered to make NPC stats, compiling them into a single document would be a fun side project. Could then be a free resource for people that way.
  2. didn't know this, just found them, might have to reinstall inDesign!
  3. I worked on UESRPG (one of the designers, google it if you're not aware of it), I can handle rules and things, just not had enough time to fully get to grips with RQ yet, so could probably write stuff but need to read up on more of the setting and rules before hand, seems there are lots of others here who could do it already though. Honestly, it still seems like something likely to be simpler for it to be a JT project, but either way would be cool.
  4. i think its probably fairly unrealistic, although it would be cool. Ideally a jonestown compendium project would try and follow the layout and structure NPCs are given in adventure books though, rather than having a different layout (consistency is key to being able to quickly use them). I'm quite new to the system so not confident making NPCs yet, but im pretty good with inDesign and could probably knock together a layout to roughly match the chaosium stuff. Would be cool to get permission to use more of their background images etc for it to really give a feel of it fitting the design of RQ:AiG
  5. perhaps different colour circles and consistent white text would be better
  6. this is definitely a useful resource
  7. This would be great. Then maybe a second one covering elder races?
  8. As part of the GM sourcebook, selection of varied generic npc blocks would indeed be excellent. At least as starting points to be easily tweaked. Alternatively as a sort of pathfinder style npc codex book that is nothing but a variety of NPCs from the various races would also be excellent.
  9. I'd be interested in experienced GMs thoughts on a possibly nice run order for these too.
  10. if you like paper copies, smoking ruin is out very very shortly.
  11. sounds reasonable! hoping for my hardcopy of the smoking ruins in the next few weeks anyway! Anyway, i enjoyed the review!
  12. That was a pretty inciteful first impressions read, have you done one for The Smoking Ruins?
  13. Hi Jason, thanks for the clarification, really helpful! Could i ask for further elaboration here? With Battle Axe you only get the bonus for either 1H or 2H Battle Axe? Does that mean that with Javelins, you now only get the bonus to either Melee Javelin or Missile Javelin, not both anymore? That doesn't seem to quite match What you said, previously in relation to Javelins, so wondering if perhaps Battle Axe should work like Javelin and give you the bonus to both 1H and 2H battle axe (meaning the character could switch between 1H and 2H as desired depending on if they had full use of their other arm) Thanks again! edit - Re reading, actually, what you've written may be saying the same thing, is it saying that you get the bonus with both 1h Battle axe and 2h Battle axe as they're the same weapon? If so, awesome the bullet points are exactly what I tried to summarize but better explained!
  14. Red Book of Magic I assume. It is supposed to include every spell. Doesn't look like that is due out any time "soon" though.
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